Put these 5 values ​​in the children's backpack when they go back to school

Put these 5 values ​​in the children's backpack when they go back to school

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My goal with this article is to give you some keys so that you can prepare the perfect backpack for your children on their return to school. Perfect? ​​You may have asked yourself ... Well, you are right; perfect there is nothing. However, there is an attitude of wanting to do things as well as possible, and that is the invitation we have made you from our site. We detail below some of the 'things' that the children's backpack should have when they return to school.

When the time for going back to school approaches, it is usual that the nerves, both of the parents and of the children, can take over us. If it is the first time that you take your child to school, you may not know how to deal with that situation, or if it is the first time that you change school, or simply, it is the first day of classes and you (or you) this supposes you nerves ...

So let's see how fill the backpack with the perfect attitude, to face this moment as well as possible.

1. Trust
To do this, the first thing we are going to put in our backpack will be a lot of CONFIDENCE. Confidence that he will do it great, confidence that he or she can do whatever he or she sets out to do.

2. Autonomy
From trust, AUTONOMY arises. When we trust our children, we give them wings so that they feel powerful for whatever activity or moment they have to face. Autonomy to make the backpack with their books, colors, and other materials according to age.

3. Responsibility
If we do this mission well: trust and autonomy, we will be guaranteeing RESPONSIBILITY. In fact, this way we will be instilling responsibility in them in a natural way. This value is very important so that they feel that they have within themselves all the answers to unexpected situations that may arise. In addition, they will know that if necessary, we will give them our SUPPORT, but in the end, they will be the ones who must make the decisions.

4. Illusion
Next, we are going to include ILLUSION. What a precious word! When we return to school, we must accompany our son in looking forward to meeting new friends, to expand his knowledge, to carry out new activities, to LEARN ... It's wonderful!

To achieve this, you have the summer time and every day of the month of September, October, November ... or whatever the child needs, to remind him that everything he wants he can achieve and dream, because we all have within us the sufficient resources to enjoy any situation.

5. Love
If we want our child to feel loved, safe and happy in this new stage of their lives (and of course, always) we cannot forget to include it in our 'perfect backpack' ... LOVE! Every day a gesture of affection, a 'have fun! Have fun! Enjoy! Go for it all!' Or just a 'I love you'. All these words and gestures will make our son enter school with a smile.

Ever I have put a post-it in my son's backpack with a simple message 'You can!' Other times, I have written 'Happy day' or 'I love you' in his diary. Can you imagine her face when she opens the school agenda and comes across this message? In this simple gesture, he finds himself face to face with trust, illusion and love.

It's that easy, dear dad or dear mom. It is only a matter of you managing yourself emotionally, to be able to accompany him at different times and assure you emotional success and the right attitude to continue being happy. You can!

And finally, I wanted to give you a very useful trick that will help children to cope with less nerves and with a more confident attitude when they return to class. There are many who suffer from nerves (or even anxiety in the most serious cases) when the date of the start of the course approaches. To all these little ones, we can propose the technique of the magic case. What does this consist of?

Within the exercises of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) it is common to use the 'magic buttons' so that children learn to manage moments of stress. This magic button can be any object that the child takes to school: from an eraser, to the complete case or a marker.

It is about explaining to the child that thanks to that magic button, will be able to calm down when you feel a situation is getting out of hand. By holding it in your hands, you will be able to feel better and control your nerves. For it:

1. We will ask you to close your eyes and settle in.

2. Tell him to try to remember a situation in which he was happy or in which he was calm. Give him a moment to find that situation and get into it fully.

3. When he is calm, we will give him that object that we are going to turn into a magic button. We will tell to squeeze it in your hand, in order to create an anchor. In case the child feels nervous at one point, you will only have to do this same: squeeze it in the hand. Thus, you will reconnect with the moment of tranquility.

4. So that the child can get out of that moment that you have facilitated, we will provide a 'switch'. Just ask a question to stop thinking about it.

Thanks to this simple technique, our son or daughter will have a tool to end those nerves caused by going back to school. In addition, knowing that your magic button is with you and that you can use it anytime you need it, you will feel more secure and confident. Even that time may not come when you need to use it.

Happy back to school everyone! Fathers and sons!

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