One day at school. Short play for children about respect

One day at school. Short play for children about respect

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There are many advantages to doing simple theater performances at school with parents as spectators or even at home with the family together. Among other things, the little ones have a great time, let their imaginations fly, lose their shyness and learn an important value. This time, the script of the short play for children here we leave you talk about respect. Do you want your children or students to learn the value of respect in a playful way? Propose them to represent together this fun play that is titled 'One day at school'and you will get it. Let's go to see her!

'A day at school' is a play designed to be done with elementary school childrenIt can also be staged at home when friends come to play and, of course, adults can be counted on as part of the play and as an audience.

It is about teaching children the value and importance of respect, we must all respect others and make others respect us. I've thought of this script for a few characters, but it can be easily adapted to include as many as the merrier. Guaranteed fun!

Work description: As the title of this play to work with children says the value of respect, it was a normal day at school when children face a classmate who has decided to do what he wants without caring how others feel . But since not everything was going to be so easy for him, in the end this mischievous boy learns that respect is something that cannot be ignored.

Characters: Alberto (the naughty boy), LucĂ­a, Carmen, Kenay and Lorena in the adult role.

Place of action in which the work takes place: a school (inside a classroom and in the courtyard).

Necessary material for the staging: common things in class (a book, a ball ...) and really wanting to have a great time.

The curtain rises. The children are seen in the class while the teacher explains something.

Lorraine: (turning to his students) Guys, pay attention that this is important. For tomorrow you have to read this page of the language book and answer the three questions that come on the next page. It is understood?

Everyone: (with little animated face) Okay, teacher, we will.

Alberto: (He stops annoyed because he doesn't feel like doing homework) What a roll! This homework thing is silly!

Lorraine: Alberto, don't talk like that, reading every day is necessary to learn, in addition, the text you play for tomorrow is very beautiful.

The class bell rings and the children get up to go to the playground.

Alberto: (he turns to his friends) Well, I don't feel like doing the reading. Shall we play ball? (After saying this, he takes the ball away from Lucia)

Lucy: You took the ball from me and I had it! (Lucia is angry)

Alberto: I know, but I wanted to play. (He walks away so Lucia doesn't catch the ball)

Carmen: It doesn't seem right to me that Alberto does those things. The other day he took something out of the case without permission.

Kenay: (who is next door and sees everything) I don't like him to behave like that either. I wanted to play soccer but I no longer feel like going after him to let him give me the ball.

The bell rings again, everyone goes to class except Alberto who decides to play a little more. The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. The children are in class doing a math exercise.

Kenay: (with a serious face) This sum is a bit difficult.

Carmen: You're right, it's costing me a lot too.

Alberto: Well, I've already finished it, I'm going to make a drawing while.

Lucy: I'm finished too, don't worry, I'm going to help you to give you time. (He stands at his classmates' table to help them with the addition).

Lorraine: Guys, it is almost time to go home, remember to read the text and ask the questions that I have left you.

Everyone: Okay, so we will.

The children leave the scene to go home. The curtain closes.

The next day arrives, the students are in class again with the teacher Lorena. The curtain rises.

Lorraine: Good Morning! Ready to start classes?

Everyone: Good Morning!

Lorraine: If you think so, let's start with the exercise you had at home. Does someone tell me what to do?

Lucia: Well, you had to read this page (points to his book) and answer these questions.

Lorraine: Very good. Did you all understand the text?

Everyone except Alberto: Yes, yes!

Lorraine: (goes to Alberto) Alberto, do you have any doubts about the text?

Alberto: I have not read it ...

Lorraine: Wow, we had to do the homework for today. Guys, someone to tell Alberto what the text is about, please.

Lucy: Well, the text speaks of a very clever but very naughty gazelle that does not like to think about others.

Kenay: Yes, and he also says that the gazelle one day laughed at the leopard because its spots had been erased by the sun and at the lion because a skewer had gotten into its leg.

Carmen: And it also says that the gazelle took the last morsel of bread from the squirrel when the squirrel did not notice.

Lucy: At the end of it all, the animals threw a party and did not invite the gazelle because they were angry with her.

Lorraine: Do you know what the gazelle has done wrong?

Kenay: (He raises his hand to answer) Well, laugh at the other animals and not help the lion when he had stuck the spike in the leg.

Lorraine: That is, the gazelle has had no respect for other animals. Respect is treating others the way you want them to treat you.

The students are thoughtful. The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. Children are seen in the schoolyard.

Carmen: Did you like the story that we have worked on in class?

Alberto: Yes, it has helped me to realize that I have not had respect for you either.

His companions turn to him and listen carefully.

Alberto: (with a sorry face) I did not help you the other day with the sums and on top of that, many times in the yard I take your toys away. Will you forgive me?

Everyone: Of course!

Kenay: Don't worry, we know you are a good friend, only that there are times when you forget.

Lucy: You are forgiven! Shall we all play a game together?

Alberto: (Now happier) That's done!

(They take the ball and they all go to play together). They leave the scene. The curtain closes and the play ends.

Don't forget the well deserved applause!

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