Educate in values. Respect for diversity

Educate in values. Respect for diversity

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As human beings we are all the same, although some values ​​differ according to the family we are part of and the society in which we live. For this reason, respect for differences, diversity, different cultures and races, also be part of the education we give to our children. Learning and teaching that must be transmitted to children from a very young age.

Children should receive an education that fosters their general culture and allows them, on equal terms, the opportunity to develop their aptitudes, their individual judgment, their sense of moral and social responsibility, and to become a useful and participatory member of the community. society.

The child must be protected against all practices that may promote discrimination. He must be brought up in a spirit of understanding, solidarity, tolerance, friendship, peace and brotherhood. They are fundamental rights for the life of children.

Discrimination against the child can occur in any setting. Therefore, it is extremely important that children learn not to discriminate or see racism as normal. The child must understand that diversity exists and as such must be respected. Children must learn to make friends and respect others, regardless of their skin color, their features, what their hair is like, if they are Chinese, Arabic or indigenous, if they speak another language, and to respect their culture and traditions .

Children should know that diversity brings us wealth of information and experiences. That we can learn a lot from differences. Instead of criticizing it, we must learn from it and give it its real value. This is an important task, especially in today's days when more and more families emigrate and migrate from one place to another.

When children are taught to respect differences, whether of race, culture, religion or even disabilities, it is not only important for the development of the world, but it prepares children to be tolerant, supportive, respectful, and to value and Learn from others. Children should know that being different allows us to learn more about each other and not to make decisions based on prejudice. A child is respectful of differences:

- When their parents are too. They are an example.

- When they read stories and stories from other cultures

- At school and colleges. Children must learn to love their peers

- When they value languages

- When different children are brought together in parks, in summer camps, in summer camps, at school, etc.

- When they visit exhibitions about different countries

- On trips, getting to know other traditions and customs.

- When they are encouraged to go on excursions

- Playing and sharing moments and toys with everyone

Children's stories are a very valid and motivating tool to teach values ​​such as tolerance and respect to children. On our site we have selected some stories for children that speak and deal with these values. Choose a story with your child, read it with him and then talk about what you have read. Thus, reading is more productive.

The angry volcano. Story about equality and tolerance. Do not miss "The angry volcano", a beautiful children's story about equality and tolerance. Talk about black stones that do not accept a white stone. It will help your child to reflect on how we treat people with a color different from ours. Do not miss it!

A very special chocolate. Story about tolerance. A very special chocolate is a beautiful story where special emphasis is placed on equality among all human beings and on courage and courage to defend the common good. The author, Eva María Riber, was the winner of the AMEI Short Story Contest. Tell this story to your child.

Anna, the girl with the eyes of fire. Story about respect. Anna, the girl with the eyes of fire, is a short children's story about the value of tolerance and respect for differences. Fantastic story for children about respecting differences. Stories with values ​​for children. Educate children in values. The value of tolerance.

A roped mouse among mice. Have you ever wondered if your own wishes are the same as those of others. You may do something that you think someone else will like because you like it, but they don't. This is the story of a little mouse that had a dream. Story about respect for others.

Itzelina and the rays of the sun. Story that teaches respect. Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct. This story especially encourages children to respect the common good, and to share everything in the world, including the sun. A nice story about respect and the need not to be selfish.

Reading, learning, and reciting poems or poetry can also instill the value of respect for others in children. For this reason, we have put together some poems so that you can start children's learning in these values.

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