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Laura is jealous. Short story for children with jealousy of their siblings

Laura is jealous. Short story for children with jealousy of their siblings

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The jealousy between brothers they are cause for discussion and fight in many families. For the children to reflect on the type of relationship they have with their siblings, Marisa Alonso has written the story 'Laura is jealous'. We have also accompanied him with some educational and reading comprehension activities, as well as some advice and more children's stories on the subject.

Laura craved everything her older brother had or wantedIt didn't matter what it was and, since she was the smallest of the house, Roberto always ended up giving in to her.

If she played with the meccano, Laura wanted the meccano. If her brother played with the ball, Laura wanted the ball. If they bought her brother a backpack, she, despite not needing it, wanted it too. Everyone at home was a little tired of the girl's jealousy.

Roberto spent a few days thinking what to do to make Laura realize of how roll it was to have a sister like that.

On Friday afternoon, as soon as Laura got home from school, she decided to play with her rag bear.

- Today I want to play with Bear - Roberto told him, and he snatched it from him without hesitation.

Laura started crying to get her mother's attention, but it was no use.

In a little while Laura went to the fridge for a strawberry yogurt; there was only one left. Skillfully Roberto, who knew his intention, went ahead and in less than a rooster crows, he ate it.

- How good it was! - He said aloud for his sister to hear him.

- Papáááááááá! - Laura shouted angrily.

But his father, who realized what Roberto was up to, only said:

- Dont be like that. When I go to the supermarket I will buy more.

On Saturday morning Laura went to look for Roberto with a box of paintings in her hand and said:

- ¿We paint a clown?

- No! If I paint with you, you will crave the colored pencils that I take - he replied, shrugging.

- You are a roll of brother! - She shouted, while the boy left leaving her alone in the room.

Only three days had passed and Laura, who although she was small, did not have the hair of a fool, began to realize what was happening; her brother did the exact same thing she had done all along.

At first he thought of yelling much louder to anger his parents and Roberto a lot, but immediately he realized that this was not a good solution; even if I didn't show it, she loved her brother very much.

The next day, Roberto went out into the garden of the house to play ball with Alfredo, his neighbor and friend, and Laura stared at them through the window.

She was surprised when her sister didn't come out protesting to take it off, as was her custom, but she pretended that she hadn't seen her, and continued playing with the other child.

That same afternoon, Roberto took out his remote-controlled car and, although Laura heard her brother playing, she resisted the urge and did not go to the room.

When a week passed Roberto realized that Laura had changed her attitude, and thought that he could not continue making her suffer more: he loved his sister very much.

- Do you want us to go out with the bikes to the garden? - Roberto asked him in the morning.

- Yes! - The girl screamed, and she ran to get her bike out of the garage.

Laura understood that she was not earning anything by feeling jealous of Roberto, and that it was much better to have his brother on his side. He was getting older!

Read a story with our son or daughter like this has many benefits. First, we reinforce the bond we have with him or her, because we share a very special moment. But also, this story can help us to reflect if, like the protagonist, she feels jealous of one of her brothers. And, if the boy or girl is older, we can propose reinforcement activities or review of what they learn at school.

1. Reading comprehension questions
As always, first of all, we propose some questions that will help you check if your child has understood the reading.

  • At the beginning of the story, does Laura get along with her brother?
  • What does Roberto decide to do to make Laura change her behavior?
  • What does Laura realize?
  • What do they play together at the end of the story?

2. Make a summary of the story
It is important for children to learn to develop synthesis skills. Also, asking them to summarize (both aloud and in writing) is a great activity to find out if they have paid attention to the story and improve their oral and written expression.

3. We reflect on the emotion of jealousy
Based on the following questions, you can make an interesting talk with your son or daughter that will lead him to reflect on the type of relationship he has with his siblings.

  • How does Laura feel at the beginning of the story?
  • What is jealousy?
  • Have you ever been jealous?
  • Do you think it is worth being jealous of the brothers, when we love them so much?
  • What can we learn from this story?

4. Search for the following words
To review what they have learned in language class, ask your child to find examples of the following words within the text (adapt the exercise to your child's age): a preposition, a noun, an adjective, a verb in past, a punctuation mark.

5. Make a nice picture of the story
Illustrating the story is a very fun activity that also enhances children's imaginations.

6. Make up a story about jealousy between siblings
As with drawing, by asking them to make up their own story, we are working on their creativity.

Jealousy and fights between siblings are a frequent source of anger and conflict in many homes. For this reason, parents can implement a series of keys in order to strengthen their relationship.

- Encourage children to spend time together. For this, for example, we can propose games as a couple or we can start some type of project in which they have to collaborate (a craft, writing a story, etc.)

- Spend a lot of quality time all together, as a family.

- Not compare them. When we compare them we are giving rise to the possibility of generating jealousy.

- Involve the older brother in the care of the little one. Always bearing in mind that he is a child, and we cannot burden him with adult responsibilities, the fact that he is involved in certain activities of his care and learning will reinforce the relationship between the two.

- Do not give privileges to one over the other

- Give love to everyone, lots of love! That is the key to a successful family relationship.

We know that the subject of jealousy is complicated, so on our site we have put together a small compilation of some children's stories that talk about relationships between siblings.

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