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Santa Aurora Day, June 19. Names for girls

Santa Aurora Day, June 19. Names for girls

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Aurora is one of those precious names for girls of Latin origin which means 'the one that comes with the dawn'. It is a name of exceptional beauty and mythical reminiscences that may be perfect for your daughter.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not strange or old-fashioned, but its musicality and delicacy provides a very original touch. Celebrate your name day June 19, which is the day of Santa Aurora.

Every 19th of June It is a special day in every home where there is a girl, mother or grandmother named Aurora. And this is one of the dates that the saints dedicate to celebrate this beautiful name.

According to experts, on June 19 we honor a martyr and saint named Santa Aurora, who died and perished defending his Christian faith. However, little else is known about this sacred woman. And it seems that martyrologists do not collect more information about his life.

However, you may have heard of an English saint, more specifically from the Isle of Man, known as Santa Aurora or Santa Orora. On this British island, this saint is venerated every October 20.

Finally and in relation to the beautiful name of Aurora, we cannot fail to mention Our Lady of Dawn. It is an invocation of the Virgin who is loved a lot in southern Spain (in the province of Córdoba). Its great festival is celebrated on the second weekend of October.

The name Aurora is known in all languages ​​with hardly any variations thanks to the Latin tradition. As a curiosity we tell you whate Aurora is not a name that has many diminutives, even though it is made up of 6 letters. If anything, there are families that use the name Aurorita to give the name a more tender touch. On the other hand, you can get to hear the composed forms such as María de la Aurora or Aurora María.

That it is not widely used can be a point in favor in choosing the name of your girl, since the name is surrounded by great sensitivity that will enhance the beauty and personality of any girl.

Aurora is a name for a girl that comes from the oldest Roman mythical tradition. The Romans personified the atmospheric phenomenon of dawn in the form of the goddess Aurora, ethereal, fleeting and delicate, who is the link between night and day.

We know many charismatic women named Aurora. This is the case of the Spanish singer Aurora Beltrán and the French writer Aurore Dupin, better known as George Sand. And for the little ones, Aurora is a very dear name thanks to the character of Sleeping Beauty.

The numerology gives a number from 1 to 9 to all names, according to the value of the letters that make it up. Explain that, from that figure, we can learn a little more about the personality of said baby. So what number corresponds to Aurora and what traits of her way of being are related?

To know the number of Aurora, we have to add together all the figures corresponding to its letters, until there is only one value left. In this case we have: A (1), U (3), R (9), O (6), R (9), A (1). Therefore the number we refer to is 2.

According to numerology, number 2 babies tend to be very generous and altruistic. They reach out to anyone who needs a little help, even if this slows them down in their efforts. He usually has many friends, since his personality is simple and very kind.

Due to the meaning of her name, Aurora has an enigmatic personality surrounded by mystery that causes great admiration in others. Thus, Aurora triumphs in social relationships due to her sympathy, dynamism and freshness. But Aurora is also intelligent and shrewd and does not hesitate to take responsibility for the family by establishing herself as the protective figure.

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, also to choose from the best names for your baby that is on the way. In the case of Aurora, we have already told you that it is a name that refers to a natural phenomenon. How about looking for other pretty names that are related in some way to nature?

All these names could become worthy candidates to become the best name you can give your baby. We tell you the origin and meaning of all these nicknames, so that deciding on one or the other is easier.

  • rose. Why not use the name of this beautiful flower to call your daughter? It is a nickname widely used among children whose origin is Latino. Its saints are usually celebrated every March 6.
  • Star. We love this beautiful name for your little girl, although the Esther or Ester variant also sounds very beautiful. The day of the Virgin of Our Lady of the Star is celebrated on September 8.
  • Tamarto. Of Hebrew origin, the meaning of the name Tamara is related to the palm tree. His saint is celebrated on the first day of September.
  • Lily. Finally, we suggest another name for a beautiful flower, in this case the pure white Azucena. This name of Arabic origin is usually shortened to Azu.

Any of the names for girls that we have proposed could be a good option to call your baby. However, there is no doubt that Aurora has a bearing and class unmatched by the rest. If you finally choose him (or have already chosen him) to call your daughter, remember that his saint is celebrated on June 19.

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