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Short stories of princesses to read to children

Short stories of princesses to read to children

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Girls love Princesses' stories, so you can read some of these stories either before bed or in a relaxed time and let them have a good time and let their imagination fly. But you can also tell them to your sons, because in many of them there are a lot of passionate adventures starring boys that will captivate them.

The Princesses' stories They are a favorite of pre-school age boys and girls, but as they grow older, differences begin to be seen. Boys prefer adventures more and girls remain fascinated and spellbound by these stories.

They are sweet, tender and sweetened stories where the woman is always the protagonist. Many parents deny this type of story because some stories have become a bit outdated over the years, showing a woman who only dreams of being rescued by her prince.

This message can screech and back off many parents, it is true, but a very original solution may be to change the story. Can you imagine that in the story of 'Snow White' it was she who had to save the prince? It would be great! It would also be a way to explain to the girls that they can be whatever they want and to talk to them about values ​​and concepts such as equality.

We also meet other classic princesses who struggle to change their world, as is the case with Jazmine, the protagonist of Aladdin, who wants to break the rules and marry for love, not because the law says so. And if you want also in this story you can introduce 'changes' or create a 'to be continued' where you see Aladdin and Jazmine in their own home, each with their work and talking about the responsibilities of both in the home and the distribution of tasks.

And, luckily, princesses of the 21st century they begin to transmit other values ​​to girls, and we must not forget that stories are also an excellent vehicle to launch messages such as the right to choose and to eliminate stereotypes.

Here you have a selection of children's stories whose main characters are princesses, although there are also knights, animals, brave parents, ... These are short stories so that children can easily read and understand them.

Princess Henar does not have a Carnival costume. This children's story 'Princess Henar has no costume' is ideal to read to children at Carnival. We propose a short Carnival story for your children, which transmits values. A story that talks about the imagination and fantasy of children and the value of the immaterial over material things.

Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty. Children's stories of a lifetime for your little boy. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children. New stories from our readers. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

Cinderella. Cinderella. New and traditional children's stories. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children like Cinderella. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

Snow White. Traditional tale of Snow White. On our site we offer you the short version of the Snow White tale so that you can read it to your children. Publish your story on the internet.

Rapunzel. Rapunzel. Children's stories for children. New children's stories from our readers. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

The princess is sad. Sonatina is one of the best known poems by Rubén Darío. This poem is full of musicality which makes it ideal for reading aloud to children. In addition, fantasy and hope surround him, since in the end a knight comes to save the princess from so much sadness.

The princess and the Pea. Short story of the princess and the pea. On our site you can print the story of the princess and the pea to read to your children. A story about princesses for boys and girls.

Donkey skin. Donkey Skin is a fairy tale. Tales for children in which fairies come out. Classic fairy tales to read aloud to children. Short version of the story Skin of Ass.

The angry princess. Tale of the angry princess. This children's story teaches how important it is to make friends to be happy and not always be angry in order to have friends. Tales of different princesses for children to learn to smile and not get so angry that it teaches the value of friendship.

The princess and the peasant. Children's stories teach us values ​​such as humility, sincerity, truth, effort and friendship. The princess and the peasant speak to us from their hearts, telling us that we must fight for what we really want and desire, and not accept what we believe is unfair.

The swan princess. The Swan Princess is a love story for children, based on a very old legend. A beautiful princess, a prince and an enigmatic enchantment participate in the story.

Is there a special moment in children's day to tell stories? Yes! Everyone! And it is that any moment is perfect for the child to sneak between the pages of a book and move into a world full of fantasy and imagination.

It may be that the stress of work, homework or housework makes it difficult for you to find that space for reading, but if you stop to think there are a lot of spaces that are ideal for this purpose. Here we list some of them and ... Telling stories has been told!

- A story to start the day right
The morning rush is our fellow enemy every morning, but perhaps telling a story of princess, dragons and dinosaurs can help to relax the atmosphere over breakfast or on the way to school. Do we try?

- The stories that accompany us in the doctor's waiting room
I am personally delighted with my pediatrician, but every time I go ... there are queues !!! He treats each patient with great care and that means that he is always late. During that time that you are away from the consultation, you can offer the child the mobile or also take the opportunity to take out of the bag that story that he likes so much.

- Stories to tell in the car
How many hours do you spend in the car a day, a week, a month or a year? Christmas holidays, Easter or summer are when there are more trips and, some, are long, heavy and tedious. What if we enliven them with the story of a story about aliens or space?

- Stories to learn
Luckily there are a lot of stories with a very varied theme, and it is that they are educational tools that, in addition to entertaining, can be used to teach. If your child is studying the history of the work of the painter Diego Velázquez, why not tell him his biography in a story? This will surely make it easier for him to learn.

- To bed with a book
Children associate stories with a moment of enjoyment that fills them with peace, calm and tranquility, that is why many little ones cannot go to sleep without their mother or father telling them some magical story.

- Stories for moments of tantrums
Tantrums are related to emotions like frustration. It is a moment in which the child needs to express what he feels, although he does not know very well how, and he manifests it with tantrums or throwing himself to the ground. Parents should be with him and when everything happens, explain what has happened. And, believe it or not, a great way to get back to normal and talk about emotions is through stories.

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