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Santa Alejandra Day, May 18. Names for girls

Santa Alejandra Day, May 18. Names for girls

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Alexandra It is a name for a girl of Greek origin that means 'the one who keeps the adversary away'. A name surrounded by legend and magic that will be perfect for your daughter. It is also one of the most frequent names today, without looking at all worn out by use, since it maintains its beauty and fascination at all times. Celebrates his name day on May 18, which is the day of Santa Alejandra.

Due to the meaning of her name, Alejandra has a strong, dynamic and courageous character, without losing an iota of delicacy and sensuality. His personality is surrounded by a great mystery, so it is very easy for him to receive the admiration of others. Noble and generous, Alejandra does not hesitate to help those around her, being also a very competent person in the workplace.

He name Alejandra it is known in all languages, although its Alexandra form is more popular. It owes its popularity to being the feminine name of that legendary figure who has been talked about so much that he was Alexander the Great. Being the preferred name for many parents today, we find other possibilities in Sandra, Alessandra or Ale.

The name of your daughter evokes us all those beautiful and delicate women of the Russia of the Tsars, since it was one of the favorite names for the ladies of the Slavic nobility. But if we speak of delicacy and sensitivity, we inevitably come to the enigmatic Argentine poet Alejandra Pizarnik.

More current we know the Spanish presenter Alejandra Prat, daughter of the mythical Joaquín Prat and the Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán, a woman capable of moving half the world with the interpretation of her songs. And as a representative of beauty, we can point to the Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio.

Throughout the year, Alejandra has several dates to celebrate. The first is on February 14 and refers to Alejandra from Egypt, a woman who was wanted by a man but who to avoid temptations retired to a kind of jail without doors.

On April 23 or May 6 we meet Saint Alexandra of Rome, empress and martyr, a secret Christian who was condemned for it, although she died before being executed. He did not suffer any ordeal, but he was destined for it. In addition, on July 17, Saint Alexandra of Russia, empress and martyr, is celebrated, who is only considered a saint by the Orthodox Church.

Do you want to know why and in honor of whom is the May 18 the saint of Alexandra? According to the stories, from a very young age, Alejandra consecrated her life to the Lord and made a vow of chastity. She was a devoted Christian and this led to her being betrayed for her and brought before the court to be tried and martyred.

Apparently, it was not alone but another woman named Claudia accompanied him on this ordeal and in his last hours (they died together) and hence May 18 was also chosen to celebrate both onomastics: Saint Alexandra and Saint Claudia.

And, to end this review, tell you that Saint Erico IX, Saint Felix de Cantalicio, Saint Felix de Spalato, Saint John I Pope or Saint Potamón and companions also celebrate their saint on this date.

Alejandra is a name made up of nine letters, one of the longest for girls. They are four vowels and five consonants that hide many secrets about your little girl's personality and that lead us to the number 3, the digit that will mark her destiny.

Do you want to know what the numerology says about the name Alejandra? There will be things or rather behaviors that you will like to read over and over again, and others that are not so good, but that will allow you to be forewarned and work on them.

- The best
They are all a girl's sweetheart! Nice, pizpiripetas, sparkling ... They attract attention with their smile and, also, because of how affectionate they are with everyone. They have a privileged mind and you will notice that they learn very quickly, which will make them win the favor of their teachers and, also, of their classmates. They will have a lot of friends!

- Worst
Being used to being the center of attention and that, poorly managed, can become a problem: enhancing the egocentricity of these girls. On the other hand, they are girls who like to always be right and for this they will manipulate everything in their power.

If the letter A has a special meaning for you and for this reason you have chosen it to be the initial of your daughter's name, we want to give you other options in case you have questions at the last minute.

- Andrea
It is a unisex name, that is, it can be used for both a girl and a boy, especially in Italy. Like Alejandra, we have to travel to Greek lands to find its meaning, 'brave', hence it is said that it is said that the girls who bear this name have a great personality. They celebrate their name day on September 25.

- Antonia
Like Alejandra, it comes from a male name (Antonio) but has managed to have its own personality and importance. Its origin is Latin and throughout history there have been many women named like that. One of the most important was undoubtedly Marie Antoinette, guillotined with her husband Louis XVI of France during the French Revolution. Although there are several dates in the saints, June 13 is the most popular day to celebrate your name day.

- Anastasia
Name of a mysterious princess and that evokes us to other times by the character of Anastasia (does the Disney movie sound familiar to you?), Daughter of the last tsar of Russia about which there are a lot of legends. It is a name of Greek origin and means 'to get up again'. If you choose this name, don't forget to congratulate your daughter on her saint on April 18.

- Ana
Short, simple and with a lot of history, this is how we could define this name. It appears in the Bible, in the New Testament, through the parents of the Virgin Mary, that is, the grandparents of the child Jesus. July 26 is his saint and grandparents' day. It means beneficent and compassionate and is a perfect name to combine with us.

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