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Santo Domingo Day, August 8 and May 12. Names for boys

Santo Domingo Day, August 8 and May 12. Names for boys

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Sunday is a name for boy of Latin origin which means 'consecrated to the Lord'. It is a name that can be perfect for your child because it is also a surname, but also a day of the week. Most original!

Given its variety of uses, it is not surprising that Domingo is one of those names for boys extremely familiar and pleasant, although at no time it has been ranked as one of the most frequent. Celebrate his name day on August 8, which is the day of Santo Domingo. However, there are also many families that celebrate their saints on May 12. Let's see to which saints these name days correspond!

You already know it and you can't forget it! August 8 is the day of Santo Domingo. Many families that have a member with this name take advantage of this date to give them a special gift. This day of August is the day in which the saints celebrate Santo Domingo de Guzman, who was the founder of the Order of Preachers, of the Dominicans.

He was born in the kingdom of Castile (part of what is now Spain), on August 8, 1170 (hence the name day calendar celebrates his day on this date). Since he was very young he received religious and cultural training: arts, philosophy, theology ... But he also decided to become a canon and later a priest.

It is usually represented with different symbols. Sometimes you are shown with a dog carrying a torch in honor of the dream her mother had before she was born. The mother, who is known as Blessed Juana de Aza, went to the monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos for help to interpret this vision.

Thanks to the fact that they helped her see that the son she carried in her womb would help her see the light of Christ, she decided to name him Domingo in his honor. However, Santo Domingo de Guzmán is also represented with a lily in his hand, for its purity, or with a star, which shows that Domingo is a guide for souls.

Did you know Dominican Republic and Santo Domingo are they named in honor of this saint?

On the other hand, May 12 is also a very common date to celebrate Santo Domingo. On this occasion, it refers to Santo Domingo de la Calzada. By name Domingo García, he was born in Spain in 1019 and died on May 12, 1109.

His name may sound familiar to you in relation to Santiago's road, and it is that he was one of the main promoters of this important pilgrimage. When he was orphaned, he tried to enter different monasteries to lead a life dedicated to prayer. After being rejected, he decided to seclude himself and be a hermit in the woods.

It is said of him that he was help all the pilgrims on their way to Santiago (in Galicia, Spain). And in fact, there are several miracles related to these walkers that have passed into popular tradition.

You may have heard of the miracle of the rooster and the hen. Legend has it that a girl fell in love with a young man who was traveling to Santiago. He did not want to pay attention to these love affairs, so the girl took revenge on him by stealing a glass from a plate and accusing him of the theft. Unable to defend himself, they sentenced him to hang with the famous phrase: 'Your son is as alive as this rooster and this hen that was going to eat me.' To which, the birds jumped off the plate alive!

In addition to August 8 and May 12, which are the most common dates to celebrate the name day of this name, the saint also allocates these other dates to holy men who were also called Domingo:

  • He May 6th It is the day of Santo Domingo Savio, an Italian student who died when he was very young.
  • He October 14th It is celebrated on the day of Santo Domingo Loricato, an Italian friar who decided to wear a spiked iron cuirass as penance.
  • He December 20th It is the day of Santo Domingo de Silos, a Spanish Benedictine who is considered by many to be the patron saint of pregnant women.

The name Domingo is known throughout the world with some variants that have been used more than this Sunday in the Hispanic sphere. We know Dominique French, English Dominick, the Italian Domenico and the Greek Domenicos, all of them variations that can be very attractive to any child.

The popularity of the name Domingo, in this case in the form of a surname, in the figure of the opera singer Plácido Domingo, a professional highly admired and recognized throughout the world, may help you choose your baby's name. And very familiar are also places like the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo or the Spanish monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos. Is beautiful!

More recently we know the handsome British actor Dominic Cooper, for his performance in 'Mamma Mia' or the NBA basketball player Dominique Wilkins. But if there is someone who will remain forever linked to the name of your son, it is the Cretan painter Domenicos Theotocopulos, better known as El Greco.

Numerology ensures that each name corresponds to a number and that this gives us some clues about what the boy or girl who bears that name is like. In the case of Domingo, his number is 5. To arrive at this number, we have added the values ​​that numerology gives to each of its letters: D (4), O (6), M (4), I (9), N (5), G (7) , OR (6).

According to numerology, children who relate to the number 5 tend to be very sociable and funny. They tend to be nice to everyone, which makes them have many friends. But, in addition, they can boast of being intelligent and very quick mentally acquiring new concepts.

Due to the meaning of his name, Domingo has a charismatic personality that exerts a great influence on others. He triumphs in social relationships for his cheerful, fun and dynamic character, but Domingo is also very capable of bringing seriousness and professionalism to any project.

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