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Calendar of the names of May saints

Calendar of the names of May saints

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How beautiful is the month of May! Choose a saint's name for your baby among the many names of saints that are celebrated this month. To help you choose the best name for your son or daughter, we have prepared this precious calendar of the names of saints. They will surely inspire you when choosing the best name of the saints for each day of the month of May.

The May name calendar includes some baby names that are gorgeous. On each calendar date you will find aname of saint. To read, you only need to click on each date to know the origin and meaning of the names of the saint to which it corresponds.

You can call your little one with the name of a saint that he plays in the daytime onomastics or look for another name that you like more because of its beautiful meaning or origin. Congratulations on the arrival of your little one!

Have you already chosen your baby's name and want to know when he celebrates his birthday? Take a look at the calendars with the saints of all the months of the year. And don't forget to give your baby (even bigger than normal) a big hug on his special day!

Here we present a list of the names of the most revered saints, who did good works and showed great values ​​such as generosity, kindness and solidarity, towards others. They are people who have lived an exemplary life for all humanity, and that is why they are part of the history of Christianity. And they all celebrate their saint in the month of May!

1. Adolfo
The name Adolfo is known in almost all languages ​​with variants such as Adolf, Adolphe or the diminutive Fito. It is a name of a great tradition that celebrates its name day on May 19. San Adolfo, martyr was born in Seville, Spain. His father was Muslim and his mother Christian. They were brought before the court, and he and his brother were sentenced and beheaded. His name means 'nobility'.

2. Alexandra
Due to the meaning of her name, Alejandra has a strong and courageous character, delicate and sensual at the same time. Noble and generous, Alejandra does not hesitate to help those around her, being also a very competent person in the workplace. It is the feminine form for the name Alexander, one of the most frequent among children.

His saint is May 18. Congratulations!

3. Bertha
Santa Berta del Santo Cristo, friend and faithful companion of the Holy God. Female name of Germanic origin that means 'the one who is brilliant'. Although it is used as the diminutive of Alberta, it is actually a proper name with full autonomy.

Did you know that his saint is May 11?

4. Emilio
Due to the meaning of his name, Emilio usually has a charismatic personality, an open and affable, friendly and frank character, which makes him a trustworthy person. San Emilio became a martyr for defending his beliefs and justice towards the women of the time.

His name day is May 28.

5. Fatima
'La splendid' is the meaning of this beautiful name of Arabic origin. The Virgin of Fatima, better known as Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, made 6 appearances in the presence of 3 shepherds (Lucía, Francisco and Jacinta), in 1927, in a Portuguese village named Fatima. During her appearances, Fatima asked for prayers at the time of wars and violence that they were experiencing, and a secret message.

The day of the Virgin of Fatima is, according to the saints, May 13.

6. Philip
San Felipe de Jesús was a Franciscan friar of New Hispanic origin, martyred in Japan. He is the first canonized saint native of Mexico, and a martyr of that country. It is a masculine name of Greek origin that means 'the one who loves horses'.

His saints are on May 3. A big hug for all the Felipes!

7. Fernando
Fernando III was a monarch very loved by his people. Hence, from then on he aroused great devotion among the people, who came to his grave to pray to him. As both the fervor for his image, which became known throughout Europe, and his fame as a saint grew more and more in the four subsequent centuries, in 1671 he was canonized by Pope Clement X.

His saint is May 30, a very celebrated holiday in many regions of the world!

8. Isidro
This is one of those classic names that, although they are heard less and less among children, parents still like it a lot, especially the most devoted of San Isidro Labrador. On May 15 this festival is celebrated in honor of this saint, a humble farmer, husband of Santa María de la Cabeza.

9. Mariana
Santa Mariana de Jesús, was a penitent and holy virgin. He had a talent for music, so he played the guitar and harpsichord beautifully, in addition to having a harmonious voice that he shared through singing. She had learned to read, sew, knit and embroider, which allowed her to keep her time busy. She proposed to fulfill that command of Jesus: 'Whoever wishes to follow me, let him deny himself', and as a child she began to mortify herself in eating, drinking and sleeping. He died young at the age of 27.

We celebrate the name day in his honor on May 26.

10. Rita
She was an Italian nun and one of the most popular saints in the Catholic Church. Rita was accepted into the convent at the age of 14 where she received the habits of a nun, and later made her profession of faith. Saint Rita gave herself to a life of prayer and penance. She is the 'patroness of impossible causes', in illnesses, in the family, in difficult and desperate cases. She was an Italian religious woman whose most representative symbols are roses and figs.

We celebrate his saint, every year, on May 22.

11. Suzanne
Name of Egyptian origin that means 'lotus flower'. The name Susana is known and appreciated in all languages. In English Susan, in French Suzanne and in Hebrew Shoshana, it is one of the most attractive names for its musicality and beauty. It has the diminutive Susi or Susy, which is also very popular.

By the way, did you know that the day of Santa Susana is also celebrated on the day of Mary Help of Christians? It's May 24th.

We are going to review some of the most important appointments related to the calendar and the ephemeris of the month of May. And the first day we must target is May 1, International Workers' Day, also known as May Day.

This is a date that, far from political demands, we can use this date as an excuse to explain to children the importance of effort and work. Teaching them from a young age that perseverance pays off, as well as hard work and effort, is essential to preparing them to be dedicated, committed, and responsible adults.

To achieve this, we can use different educational resources, such as children's stories or poetry.

May is a very special month because in many countries of the world Mother's Day is celebrated. Some, like Spain, celebrate it on the first Sunday in May; others, such as Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, the United States, etc. they celebrate it on the second Sunday in May; in Mexico, on May 10 ... It doesn't matter when the Mother's Day in your country! Take advantage of the month of May to give her the biggest hugs! The goal is to make you feel like the most special mom in the world ...

But we also do not forget, because on May 15 is the International Day of Families. This is a journey to reflect and realize how lucky we are to have a family like ours (remember that family is not always defined by blood!). And the best way to celebrate this day is ...spend a whole day together! We can dedicate it to what we like the most: family games, movie sessions, family cooking ...

Happy May everyone!

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