Clapping songs and games for kids

Clapping songs and games for kids

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We propose you 6 games with the palms of the hands, to play with the children. This is an activity that our grandmothers, our mothers, we played and our children will also play. It's just a matter of bringing your palms together while singing a song. Find out why your children should practice them, some songs that can accompany them and other traditional games that you can teach them yourself.

And what do the clapping games that hook boys and girls and that parents like it so much? He does not want any kind of financial outlay, he does not need physical preparation (only practice) or equipment, with two children is enough and nothing to invest money in something that we do not know if the kids will like it or not!

But it is also an activity that can be practiced anywhere: in line at the supermarket, while we wait at the doctor's office, while Dad finishes preparing dinner ...

And that's not all! It is a leisure proposal that positively affects the development of children. Do you want to know everything it can contribute to your children?

- Boost your memory and concentration. While playing, children have to be very careful not to lose the thread and, another important point to highlight, they have to remember the song that accompanies the game.

- Promotes social relationships. Being a game that requires at least two people, your children will always have to look for a partner.

- Develops and sharpens the senses. And it is that in this activity the visual and auditory capacity has a very important role.

- They reinforce psychomotor aspects. Hands are moved, songs are sung, but also breathing, pronunciation of different words, laterality or postural control are worked on.

Clapping hands is a longtime classic pastime that not only amuses children, but can also be an excellent opportunity for parents to have fun with their children.

Two or more children can play these games and they have to clap their hands in different ways: one up and one down, in the middle or clap. You can even do championships! Of course, to have greater motivation and a challenge, but not to compete. The important thing here is to have fun!

You will have to practice a lot so that you develop your skill in clapping games and, also, put your memory to work to recite the musical themes that accompany this activity. Don't miss out on some of the most popular songs on playgrounds around the world.

1. On 24th Street

In the street - lle
twenty-four - three
has been committed - do
a murder - to.
An old - ha
I kill a cat - to
with the tip - ta
of the shoe - to.
Poor old woman - ha
poor cat - uncle
poor tip - ta
of the shoe - to.

2. Chocolate

I crash, crash, la, la
I crash, I crash, you, you
I crash, the, I crash, you

3. Go crazy

an old woman has fallen off a motorcycle.
To the chacha-cha
to the chacha-cha
Has fallen and a gap has been made-cha

4. Don Federico

Don Federico lost his wallet,
to marry a seamstress;
the seamstress lost her thimble,
to marry a general;
the general lost his sword,
to marry a beautiful lady;
the beautiful lady lost her fan,
to marry Don Federico.

Don Federico lost his eye
to marry a louse;
the louse lost its legs,
to marry a tick;
the tick lost its tail,
to marry a pepsi-cola;
the pepsi-cola lost its bubble,
to marry a bad witch;
the bad witch lost her kitten,
to marry Don Federico.

Don Federico told him: NO
and the bad witch fainted;
the next day he said: YES
and the bad witch began to laugh.

5. A sailor

A sailor who went to mari mari mar
to see what I could see, see, see
and the only thing that could see, see, see
It was the bottom of the mari mari mar

6. A pigeon

A semicolon dove
that came from mars point and apart
fell from a nest point and followed
it was an animal full stop
it was a happy point worm.

One of the things that the game has is that it allows you to relax and disconnect from the 'obligations'. It offers the child the possibility to create, invent and imagine new things. You have to play every day and you have to play the games of a lifetime. Now that you have become experts in clapping games, how about we learn other games that are just as fun?

- The potato circle
All of you, holding hands, make a circle and move in a clockwise direction to the rhythm of this song: 'Along with the potato, eat salad, what the gentlemen eat, oranges and lemons. Achupé, achupé, sitting down I stayed '. Don't forget to do what the letter says and when it's time to sit down, sit down!

- The blind chicken
This game has the value that, in addition to entertaining, it promotes the child's autonomy and trust in others. One 'flirts', is blindfolded and has to help each other to 'hunt' the rest. It is important to play this game in an enclosed space and remove all furniture that could harm the blindfolded person.

- Pass my yes, pass my sa
For this game you will have to be at least three people. Two of them will hold hands and raise them in an arc shape. The third participant will have to go out and in making a circle while singing the song of 'pass my yes, come on sat, through the door of Alcalá, those in front run a lot, those in the back will stay'. If when you finish, your colleagues 'lock you in their hands', they will ask you: 'Which fruit do you prefer?' and depending on what he chooses, he will get behind one or another partner.

- To the shoe from behind
We all stand in a circle again, this time sitting. One of the participants will remain standing and, while the others cover their eyes with their hands and sing from 'to the shoe from behind, tris after; you neither see nor will you see, sad after; look up, that beans fall; look down, chickpeas fall; to sleep, to sleep, the wise men are coming. ' When they finish the letter, they will have to look to see if the shoe is behind them and try to go and get their partner. If you catch him, he'll go back to his place! If, on the contrary, your partner sits in his place, he will have to hide the shoe behind a partner!

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