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Mindfulness exercises to practice as a family

Mindfulness exercises to practice as a family

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He Mindfulness offers children and adults numerous benefits. Among them, it helps eliminate stress, improves concentration and helps improve coexistence within the home. Since We offer you a selection of Mindfulness exercises that you can practice in a very simple way. Some of them are especially suitable for parents, and others for children, but most can be practiced as a family.

Wrongly, some people today still think that children do not suffer from stress. How wrong they are! Children, like adults, have tensions in their day to day (exams, arguments with their classmates, jealousy with siblings ...).

When you ask a child something, his behavior gives him away. They are anxious and irascible and can even affect their sleep time and school performance, reducing their ability to concentrate. How can we help them to calm down and be more relaxed? He mindfulness, it is undoubtedly an excellent tool.

This practice is based on mindfulness or conscious attention and living intensely in the moment present, something that children by nature do habitually and from which we older people should learn more. For this you have to work a lot on meditation, but let's not get confused, meditation, as Paloma Sainz Vara de Rey says in her book Mindfulness for children, 'consists of observing the thoughts without being dragged, as if we were watching a movie, not in leave blank mind'.

Mindfulness is recommended for all children, but especially for those who have a more restless behavior, who are very scattered, who are anguished and overstimulated, and it can help them to face life much more calmly, but also to be better people with them and with those around them.

There is no specific age to start doing mindfulness exercises (a very simple one can be to stand in front of the window and simply observe and focus your mind on that, not think about anything else!) But experts say that they are perfect for children between 5 and 12 years of age.

Now that you know what is mindfulness And before giving you some guidelines for its realization, it is convenient to discover and know its multiple benefits, beyond being a way to reduce stress and anxiety.

- Improves breathing and allow control of it.

- Helps to better understand emotionsFrom happiness or love to anger or frustration.

- Strengthens self-esteem because help to understand each other better.

- Develop empathy and relationships with others. They are kinder and unnecessary judgments are abandoned.

- Increases concentration of the kids.

- It allows to achieve an emotional and psychological balance.

- Encourages states of calm and making conscious decisions.

And before looking for a space at home to do some exercises and dress in comfortable clothes, it is important to point out some considerations that cannot be overlooked:

- Constant thirst
In order to get the most out of this practice, you have to make proposals regularly, otherwise we will not achieve the expected results. There are no miracles here!

- Set a schedule
Find a day or two a week and try to always make it at the same time to create a habit and a family routine.

- Simple games and activities
At first you have to try to be more flexible with children and not demand too much of them. If you see it as a game time, you will quickly get hooked!

- Be patient
Everything new always takes time to bear fruit, so patience is essential to not despair. Rome was not conquered in two days!

- Get your feelings out
It would not be bad if after practice you ask your child what has moved inside him and what he has experienced. You also talk about what you have felt. That will help you progress down the road.

Eliminate stress and tension It may be the main one is a good goal to achieve with these Mindfulness exercises. Pay attention to the indications and you will have no problem putting them into practice. They are all very simple exercises.

Two exercises for nervous children. We explain how to do two Mindfulness exercises for nervous children. These meditation exercises will help more restless children to relax.

Mindfulness exercise against stress. We suggest you do a fabulous exercise to eliminate stress. Ideal for parents. You just have to follow the instructions of Patricia Díaz-Caneja, an expert in Mindfulness.

Breathing exercise. Learn to do a Mindfulness relaxation exercise that uses breathing as a base. It is very simple to do, so you can do it with your children.

Mindfulness for children. Can Meditation Help Children Conquer Fear? The answer is yes. There are very diverse guided meditations in which children are invited to recognize their fears and to be able to calm down, transforming them into confidence and calm once they have recognized the fear and accepted it.

Mindfulness for parents. Mindfulness can be very useful for parents, especially to control those moments of tension and overwhelm that stress and dedication to children generates.

Mindfulness to improve concentration. Many children have trouble concentrating. Mindfulness meditation and massage can help them improve their attention span. We explain how.

Mindfulness to improve school performance. Mindfulness has many advantages and benefits, for parents and also for teachers, who can apply it to their classes and achieve many benefits for the education of children.

In this same trend of looking for exercises that serve to release tension, we want to talk to you about another oriental discipline, yoga. It has a lot of mindfulness, in the sense that it seeks to find the balance between body and mind, but in this case it is based more on working on the flexibility and muscular endurance of each person. Still, if you dare, Here are some ideas to start doing yoga at home and as a family!

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