Father's Day

Father's day. Ideas to celebrate Father's Day

Father's day. Ideas to celebrate Father's Day

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Have you already thought about how you are going to celebrate Father's day? This very special day is celebrated in many countries and is remembered around the world on very different dates. For example, in Spain, Father's Day is the March, 19, because of the feast of Saint Joseph, father of Jesus.

In the United States and Mexico, as well as in many other countries of the American continent, the celebration of Father's Day is held in the third Sunday in June. But there are countries like Brazil, which commemorate it on the second Sunday in August, and others like Guatemala where they remind parents of the day June 17.

The idea of ​​celebrating the Father's day emerged in 1910, and was headed by Sonora Smart Dodd, an American who was trying, in some way, to make the role of parents in society prominent in the education of their children. We leave you some ideas to celebrate Father's Day with your children.

To celebrate the best of father's days, there is no reason to leave home. In our home We can find many and varied activities that make this day one of the most fun and unforgettable of the year. We cannot forget that sometimes all we need is to spend a little time with the family. Here are some ideas!

1. Make crafts as a family
What child does not like crafts? While they require a bit of patience and creativity on everyone's part, they can be a great activity to enjoy Father's Day. Of course, you can take the opportunity to create something dedicated to dad. To hit the mark, you just have to think about what the father of the family likes the most. You are sure to have millions of craft ideas!

2. Prepare a delicious menu together
Dad will surely love that you prepare with all your love and you win a delicious menu to celebrate Father's Day in style. However, even more fun will be preparing it all, as a family. Who will choose the recipes to be eaten on this day? Dad, of course!

The time we spend with the children in the kitchen is very beneficial for them, since it is a great way to work on their autonomy, to spend a wonderful quality time together, it whets their appetite to try new foods, we can take advantage of it to transmit good Feeding Habits...

3. Read stories that tell about family
Any day is a great time to read a story. But, taking advantage of the fact that it is Father's Day, you can share stories that talk about fathers, fatherhood or even family.

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4. A whole afternoon of games
On Father's Day, we want dads to feel happy. But what can make you happier than spending a nice afternoon watching your children laugh? That is why one of the best plans for Father's Day may be to play, play, and play even more. And what games are the best for this day? Here the tastes of the family come into play: board games, construction games, drawing ... You won't get bored!

5. Watch a family movie together
What is your favorite movie? Take advantage of Father's Day to see an appropriate movie for all the members of the house: Inside Out, Coco, The Addams family, The Incredibles ... Prepare a good place in the living room, make some popcorn (be careful with the smallest of the house before choking!) or another healthy snack ... and enjoy.

6. Organize a scape room at home
Have you ever been in a scape room? It is a very fun game that proposes clues, enigmas, mazes ... Although you can participate in an already organized scape room, you can also do it yourself at home. Fun is guaranteed for young and old.

There are families who prefer to spend Father's Day at home and others, however, take the opportunity to go out to organize activities for which there is no time on a daily basis. How can you celebrate Father's Day away from home? Here are some ideas that will help you organize very entertaining plans!

7. Have a delicious picnic and enjoy nature
Picnics are so much fun because not only do we eat different foods than we are used to, but they also allow for great outdoor games.

When having a picnic there are a number of things to keep in mind. The first thing is that we must have a good organization so that we do not forget something important at home (especially if we have babies in the family who need diapers, pacifiers and other kinds of things that we always tend to forget by carelessness). You also have to have a great time outdoors. But, above all, we must respect the natural environment that welcomes us in this activity. Don't forget to pick up the trash before you go!

8. Visit a new city
Traveling is one of the best experiences we can offer our children. We stimulate their curiosity, we open their mind, we provide them with fun moments, we teach them to solve problems that may arise at any time ... Therefore, we can take advantage of Father's Day to take a day trip to a city that is nearby of our house.

9. Go back to daddy's favorite restaurant
Since it is all parents' day and we want ours to have a great time and feel special, we can go to lunch or dinner at their favorite restaurant. You will love eating that recipe you love again.

On Father's Day, you can not miss a small gift for the father of the family. What is the best gift for this day? Without a doubt, one made with a lot of love and affection by his own children. For this reason, below we propose some very beautiful crafts for you to do and give them as gifts.

- A keychain made by you
A great gift that your dad will take everywhere (and he can show off) is a beautiful keychain! In almost any stationery or hardware store you can buy the hook for the keys and with eva rubber, ties, pipe cleaners and all the materials that you can think of, you can make different shapes that hang from the keychain.

- A funny photo frame
How about making a fish-shaped photo frame? And right on the face of the fish you can put a photo of the son or father of the family. It will be hilarious! As materials you can use cardboard and cardboard.

- The most beautiful pencil holder
With some ice cream sticks, paint, bow and glue you can make this nice pencil holder to give to dad. You can put it on your nightstand or you can take it to work to store all your pens and pencils. All your classmates will want one just the same!

And finally, we offer you even more ideas to make this year's Father's Day the best ever. Remember: the most important thing is to have a fun and beautiful day with your family.

GuiaInfantil.com congratulates all parents, not only for this day but also for their dedication to their children. CONGRATULATIONS!

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