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Saint Rebecca's Day, March 23. Names for girls

Saint Rebecca's Day, March 23. Names for girls

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Rebeca is one of those names for girls of Hebrew origin which means 'the one with a curl' or 'captivating'. It is a name that links directly with the biblical tradition and that can be perfect to highlight the sweetness of your daughter. Rebeca has been one of the favorite names for parents for decades, although currently it is not one of the most frequent. Celebrate your name day March 23, which is the day of Saint Rebecca.

March 23 is one of the most special days of the year for all families in which there is a grandmother, mother or girl named Rebeca. And this is the day that the saint celebrates Saint Rebecca; more specifically to Saint Rebecca of Himlaia or Santa Rebeca de Himlaya. This sacred woman was born during the 19th century in Lebanon and her original name was Rafka Choboq Ar-Rayes.

When she was still very young, Rebeca suffered a severe blow: the death of her mother. Unable to support the whole family, her father sent the little girl as a servant to a house. Upon his return, it was found that his father had remarried and that his wife wanted him to marry their son. It was at that moment when he asked God for help and this showed him the way to the convent.

She became a nun, under the name Sister Rafka. The saints collect his day for the great help he always gave to the sick and to all those who needed it. There were many abandoned children whom he was able to help, always out of faith and divine veneration. Her devotion did not diminish even when she suffered from terrible illnesses that rendered her paralyzed and blind. His saint is celebrated on 23 of March because this was the day he died.

The name Rebeca It is used throughout the world with very little variation in shape. Did you know that it is one of the most frequent names in the United States and Australia? Although in these areas of the world where English is spoken, the most common is to find this name written as Rebecca. In German it is common to write this name as Rebekka and in French as Rebèque.

Its diminutives Rebe and Becca They are also very accepted by girls around the world. The same as Beck, which is the short form of this name translated into English.

The cinema has actresses of the stature of the American Rebecca De Mornay or the British Rebecca Hall. And without leaving the cinema, we can't help but mention Alfred Hitchcok's unforgettable film 'Rebecca', based on the novel of the same name by writer Daphne du Maurier. One of the films by the master of suspense that has most penetrated the public, to the point that in Spain, the type of jacket that appears in it was renamed 'rebeca'.

Numerology offers us a very curious game: knowing which number corresponds to each of the names and knowing some of the personality traits of that little one. How can we find that number? The first thing you should know is that each letter has a value according to its position in the alphabet. In this case, we have the following distribution: R (9), E (5), B (2), E (5), C (3), A (1). If we add these figures we have the number 25 and, if we add these two numbers again we have that Rebeca is related to the number 7.

Babies who, like Rebecca, are connected with the number 7 have a special charisma. All his acquaintances fall very easily in his networks, since his personality is attractive and never goes unnoticed.

By the meaning of her name, Rebecca implies a seductive, sweet and enigmatic personality, but without losing an iota of strength. With a dynamic character, Rebeca has great intellectual gifts that, together with her sensitivity, make her a special person for social relationships. In addition, Rebeca has no problems when it comes to assuming responsibilities or facing complicated situations.

We love the name Rebeca! However, before you opt for it, we want you to be sure of your choice. Therefore, we propose other names for girls that sound similar. And they all begin with the letter R.

  • Dew. Rocío's name has a great tradition, especially in countries like Spain. Many parents choose this name because it gives off great strength. Its origin is Latin and means 'flower tears'. Beautiful!
  • Rosana. Like Rebeca, the name for girls Rebeca has three syllables and begins with R. The origin of this name is Latin and means 'Like a rose'. If you want to use the diminutive of this name, you can opt for Ros, Rosa or Rosi.
  • Ruth. If there is a name of biblical origin that is beautiful and that it has lost over the years with all its freshness, it is Ruth, which can also be written as Ruth. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'friendship'.
  • Regina. Regina is one of those names for girls that transmit elegance and poise. This is due to the very 'royal' meaning it has, as it means 'queen'. The origin of this name is Latin.
  • Raquel. Many parents have chosen the name Raquel for their daughter. It is a name that comes from Hebrew and that means 'sheep of the Lord'.
  • Rita. This is a short, but forceful name. It can be a good option for your baby on the way if you want to put a name with a hook. It is a name of Latin origin that means 'ceremonious'.

If you've finally decided to call your daughter Rebecca, great choice! You just have to remember that March 23 is his special day. Happy Saint Rebecca's Day!

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