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If your child says these 12 phrases, you are doing well as parents

If your child says these 12 phrases, you are doing well as parents

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Educating a child is not easy. It is something that you already knew before being a father or mother, but that you verified for sure once your little one arrived in this world. First it is to give him all the care he needs as a baby and then to know how to educate him and guide him on his way as he grows. Am I doing well as a parent? You will ask yourself. If your child says some of these phrases to you, the answer is a resounding yes.

We all wonder at times if our work as parents is being correct. And it is that no matter how much we do things from the heart, many times the doubts about whether we are very permissive or very strict assail us. Here are a few signs that will make you wonder. If your child tells you this, everything is on the right track !!!

1. 'You never buy me anything'
A phrase that he says to you over and over again while you continue in your efforts to learn to value things.

2. 'My friends have a cell phone and I don't'
Or in the event that I am old enough to have one, another tells you this: 'My friends' mobile is much better than mine'. As if that matters. That of wanting what friends have is one more stage, don't you think?

3. 'You always tell me what to do'
A phrase that your son releases when you tell him to be responsible for his things, to make an effort at school, to help his siblings ... What can we do!

4. 'I'm sick of sorting my things'
And who is going to order them if not? Children who take care of their things as children will do the same when they are adults.

5. 'You don't love me'
If he tells you when he's angry, it doesn't count! As you already know, it is one more form of blackmail to which you must not give in.

6. 'I want to go out at night and you won't let me'
You will go out, my son, of course you will, but when you are old enough. What a hurry today's children are to grow up!

7. 'Why do we have to have dinner together every day?'
It is clear! because spending time with the family is the best there is. Now he does not appreciate it, but it will not take him long.

8. 'I want to eat at this restaurant, can we?'
And you answer that of course not, because there is food at home and because it is not good to eat in fast food places. Learning and acquiring healthy habits from a young age will be of great help in the future.

9. 'Can I watch TV longer?'
No, it's time to sleep, early morning tomorrow and other arguments that you already know very well. Limits always set from love, what would we do without them?

10. 'I don't want to do my homework'
And you think: 'Neither do I go to work, but that's the thing to do'. There is no negotiation possible at this point.

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11. 'Why can't I have Instagram?'
Or Twitter or Facebook or Tik Tok, or Youtube, or any other social network that becomes fashionable. Well, because they are not for children. The later they know about these things, the better than better!

12. 'You are the best, I love you very much'
Not everything was going to be complaints and pleas. Children also know how to show their affection to their parents from time to time (we would like it to be more often, but we will not have to conform). If your child says these words to you, rest assured that you are doing divinely well. Phrases like this sound like glory, right?

If after this review, you can confirm that all of them are in your child's vocabulary, we can only say: Good job, daddies!

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