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March 28, the day of Saint Sixtus Pope. Name ideas for boys

March 28, the day of Saint Sixtus Pope. Name ideas for boys

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All parents want to find among all the names for boys, a nickname that is original, unique and beautiful, without sounding too strange. To help you in this (so complicated) search, this time we talk about the name Sixto. Did you know that his saints, the day of Saint Sixtus pope, it's march 28? We tell you more about it!

Sixto is an elegant name with a lot of history, although today it could be considered a different name from those that are usually heard in maternity hospitals around the world. There are two theories about the origin and meaning of this name.

On the one hand, there are those who think that it is a Greek root name, which comes from 'systos', so it would mean something like 'smooth' or 'polished'. But, on the other hand, other experts support the theory that it is a Latin name and, therefore, would mean 'sixth'. In fact, in Ancient Rome there was a custom of llick Sixtus to all the babies born in sixth place (the sixth brother) in a family. How curious!

All Sixths celebrate their special day on March 28, since this is the date that the saints dedicate to Holy Sixtus Pope. Who was this man of the Church? Known as Sixtus III or Sisto III, he was the 44th pope of the Catholic Church. His pontificate lasted from 432 to 440, the date on which he died.

During the time that he was the head of the Church, he had to face different disputes that faced faithful with different points of view. His figure was key, for example, to achieve peace between Cyril, the Patriarch of Alexandria, and the Syrians. However, this was by no means the only pope named Sixtus; there were 5 in total throughout history.

Have you ever heard of numerology? This practice ensures that each name corresponds to a number according to the result of the sum of the values ​​of each of the letters that compose it. In the case of Sixto, we would have the following distribution: S (1), I (9), X (1), T (2), O (6). If we add these figures we have 19; that if we add their numbers once more we have 10; and once again, that sum gives number 1, which would correspond to the name of Sixto.

Children who identify with the number 1 stand out for being great leaders. Thanks to their natural talent and charisma, they get everyone's attention. They can boast of having a great initiative and having the courage to always carry out all the ideas that come to mind (which are many).

On the other hand, to prevent these children from falling into pride and a feeling of superiority, parents must educate them in values ​​as important as humility or generosity. In general, it can be said that they are emotionally strong children, but for this reason we should not neglect, in addition, their emotional education.

As we have already told you, Sixto has been a name widely used as a sacred name for many popes. If you are thinking of calling your baby that because of the religious nature of this nickname, you may also like these others names for boys inspired by other popes.

- Pedro
Peter, also known as Simon, was one of the most prominent disciples of Jesus. He is considered the first pope of the Catholic Church. It is a name of Aramaic origin that refers to the stones.

- Juan Pablo
We are before one of the most beloved popes: John Paul II. His great faith, humility and help to those in need made Karol Józef Wojtyla a figure highly revered by Catholics. If you want to call your son with his name, you should know that it is a name made up of Juan (Hebrew name meaning 'compassion for Yahweh) and Pablo (Latin name meaning' little ').

- Alexander
There have been different popes throughout history with the name of Alexander, for example, Pope Alexander VI, born in Spain. Alexander is a name of Greek origin, which means 'the one who protects men'.

- Felix
Felix is ​​a Latin name that means 'happy'. With such a beautiful meaning we cannot choose a better name for a baby. As for the popes, there have been several that have carried this name. The first of them was Felix I, whose papacy was between 269 and 274.

- Marcelo
Does it sound like you have heard of Pope Marcelo II? His papacy lasted ... only 3 weeks! If you want to call your son with this name, you should know that it is Latin and that it refers to the god Mars.

- Lion
León is one of the names that has been used to call the popes. Maybe right now, the name Leo is very fashionable among children. However, León is much more original, right?

And, to finish, we propose other names for male babies that, in some way, are related to the Christian religion.

- Jesus
Within a list of Christian names we could not fail to place Jesus in the first place. The origin of this name is Hebrew and means 'Yahweh is the savior'.

- Joseph
Joseph, as the putative father of Jesus was called, is one of the most common names to call children. The funny thing about this name is that, although it has been in use for many decades, it does not sound worn. It is often used to form compound names.

- Cristian
Of Latin origin, this name means 'the one who follows Jesus'. There are many different ways to write and pronounce this name: Cristián, Christian ... And as a diminutive, Chris sounds great.

- Abraham
Abraham, Abran or Abraham, is a name that has a lot of history behind it. It is of Hebrew origin and means 'father of multitudes'.

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