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The difference between being a mother and being an aunt (if there is one)

The difference between being a mother and being an aunt (if there is one)

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I am a mother of two children, but I am also an aunt, of two 10-year-old twins and a three-month-old baby. ¿What is the difference between being a mother and being an aunt? Well, for me, and surely for you too, the difference is little. In both cases you give the best that is in your heart. However, I cannot get the phrase out of my mind that says that for a child their aunt plays an essential role in their life. Is it because we nag less and become more fun? Here I give you my opinion.

I have been a (proud) aunt for more than 10 years. I have been a mother (of heart and soul) for more than seven years. So before I tell you this or that difference, if there is any, first I want to talk to you about how much I have learned from having my nephews first and then my children.

My nephews are twins, they have just turned 10 years old and everything indicates that they are not going to be fully involved in adolescence without paying much attention to what the others who are by their side want to say to them. I know, it is another stage in his life, ours as well. Seeing them grow is something that I do not intend to lose for the world.

The fact is that when they first came to this world I couldn't feel happier. I remember the first kiss they gave me when they were babies, their first steps, their first 'aunt'. I learned a lot of things with them, for example, that love has no limits, that parenting is learned over time and that one of the most important things is being by their side and being able to share unique moments.

Time passed and my first son arrived, now seven years old. And then my baby, who is almost out of it, is two years old! And my last niece (for now) only three months.

Are you also a mother and aunt? What differences do you think there are? I think there are rather few, especially if you play the role of aunt / second mother.

1. You share concerns in the distance
Concerns and day-to-day things are shared with the children at all times. With nephews too, but in the distance. A phone call to see how the test went, an unannounced visit to have pizza and see pictures together ... These are little things that allow us to be next to each other to share concerns and also beautiful things.

2. You scold and set limits, but not so much
I scold my children, especially the older one, every so often. Maybe not all the time but yes often, sure that you, as a mother, understand me perfectly. I also set limits for my nephews, but not in the same way. Why? Well, because, like their aunts do with my children, I try to be a little more permissive and fun to earn their trust.

3. Talk to aunt yes, to mother no
As I was telling you before, my twin nephews are getting older so I would not be surprised at all if in a few months they want to tell me things and not their mother. Not for anything in particular, but because I know that it is a stage, let's call it rebellion, through which sooner or later all boys and girls go through as they get older. It sure is something my children will do in their day. Mother and aunt will be there to always listen to them!

4. An unconditional friend
Being an aunt means being an unconditional friend. Being a mother too, but with other nuances that I couldn't explain in words. It will be because you see everything from a more relaxed point of view or because nephews have the power to make you feel special, in the same way that it feels to know that they trust you as if you were their best support.

5. Source of inspiration
My nephews are a source of inspiration for me, I have learned a lot from them, and what remains. Similarly, I would dare to say that I am also a reference for them. Can you ask for more?

They say aunts can make a child's life special just by loving them so much that you can't describe it in words. And being a mother is something so magical that it fills your soul with life, from the first moment you know that this little being is growing within you. So, as a proud mother and aunt, I can't think of a better ending to these lines than to tell you!do everything possible to be part of your nephews life!

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