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9 funny stories for kids

9 funny stories for kids

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Would you like to read with your children funny stories that also teach them values? And also that they are short and you can keep your child's attention without tiring reading? In we selected 9 stories to laugh with children. They are funny and very entertaining stories that will put a smile on your children's faces.

Here is a selection of funny short stories and fables to laugh with that you can read aloud to your children and have a good time.

The little snail Gustavillo. The story 'El caracolillo Gustavillo' for children, written by a mother. Publish your children's story on the internet. Short stories to read with your children about animals and nature.

The greedy giant. We offer you the story 'The Greedy Giant', a children's story that talks about the importance of joining forces to overcome difficulties. It's about values ​​like cooperation and togetherness. In the story The Greedy Giant, some wasps help a grandmother to recover her three granddaughters who are in the power of an evil giant.

Enriqueto the mouse. Enriqueto mouse story to read with the children at Christmas. An ideal children's story to read with children at Christmas. In this case, about gluttony. Christmas children's stories. How to educate children in values ​​with Christmas stories. Story about the danger of gluttony at Christmas.

The chirping egg. A children's story that talks about a child's curiosity and the affection with which he is treated by his grandparents. our site offers us the story The Chirping Egg It shows how simple and rich the birth of a chick can represent to a child. And that in the field many new things happen in the eyes of the little ones.

Irene wants to be a witch. Irene has just changed countries and has not finished adjusting to the new school. She would like to be a bad witch and change everything at will. But one day, she receives a whole lesson from the hands of a real witch ... Irene finally understands that things cannot be changed, but she can change and adapt to them.

David and the whale. This story tells us about how friendship should be. In this case, the protagonist is a child who imagines what his vacation will be like and what his friend, a whale, will be like.

The astronomer. Aesop's fable 'The Astronomer' teaches an important moral to children. Children's stories to encourage reading. Popular fables of Aesop to read to children.

Sneaker race. Running shoes, a story that you can read on our site about the value of friendship. Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct.

A lettuce is not a dish. We offer you a story about generosity to teach values ​​to children: A lettuce is not a plate. Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct. This story especially encourages generosity.

Laughing is so good that we must always put a little humor in life and, most importantly, we must teach our children the value of a smile because ... it is something that is priceless! Laughing is the best medicine to put an end to all our ills and to face any situation in life with optimism and vitality. Do you want to know more benefits of laughter for our health? Take good note!

- Releases tensions and stress and helps us relax. If we laugh, we will have happy children!

- Decreases insomnia and, therefore, it helps us to sleep better.

- Protects against cardiovascular diseases, as possible heart attacks.

- It has a toning and anti-wrinkle effect on the skin, which makes itdelay aging.

- Helps fight constipation. Laughter causes movements in the abdomen that facilitate digestion.

- When we laugh, the brain renews its oxygen and, therefore, according to some studies, itenhances creativity and develops imagination.

After all these advantages, we can only say: let's all laugh!

Laughter is so important that there are a lot of phrases about this reaction that the body emits before certain pleasant external stimuli and that are closely related to the benefits of laughing more often. Discover the most famous from the hand of!

- A day without laughing is a day wasted (Charles Chaplin).

- Laughter is the sun that drives winter away from the human face. (Victor Hugo).

- Laughter is the shortest distance between two people (Anonymous).

- The human race has a tremendously effective weapon: laughter (Mark Twain).

- Laughter is not a bad start for friendship. And it is far from being a bad ending (Oscar Wilde).

- Laughter is the language of the soul (Pablo Neruda).

- Man suffers so terribly in the world that he has been forced to invent laughter (Friedrich Nietzsche).

- Find the time to think, find the time to pray, find the time to laugh (Teresa of Calcutta).

- Without love and without laughter, nothing is pleasant (Horacio).

Is there an ideal and perfect time to tell stories to children? No, but do you know why? Because any situation throughout the day is ideal to pick up a book, open it to the first page and say that about ... 'Once upon a time ...'.

But if even so, due to the busy life we ​​lead, it is difficult for you to find a space to sit down with your child to read a story, we are going to go on to list different moments in which telling stories is the best excuse to have a fun time.

- On the way to school
What better way to start the morning than letting your imagination run wild! Whether you go by car or if you do the route on foot, you can take advantage of that little time to tell them the story of 'Pinocchio', of 'Pablo protests and protests' or of 'The story that did not want to be written'.

- While you wait at the doctor
Going to the pediatrician can be spending almost half an hour sitting in the waiting room, right or not? Can you think of something better to do than take out of your bag - as if you were Mary Poppins - that story that your son loves to hear over and over again?

- At bath time
When they are newborns, some babies do not like to submerge in water at all, but as they grow older it becomes their favorite activity and they ask to soak for hours and hours until they come out completely wrinkled. If your child is one of those who puts a lot of toys in the bathtub, try one day to make up a story with all of them. You are sure to have a great time!

- Before getting into bed
Of course, this moment cannot be missed, the bedtime story is a classic, but it is true that it is also a part of the day in which everyone - adults and children - is very tired and it may happen that not even we count Well the story (we are in a hurry because they lie down and throw us on the couch for a while) nor are they receptive. You will have to decide!

As we told you at the beginning, the stories, in addition to entertaining, creating a mother-child bond and making us have a fun time, allow us to transmit values ​​to our children. If you want to work with them on concepts such as solidarity, respect or disobedience, here is a selection with the best stories, poems and fables loaded with values!

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