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Biography in short story about the admirable life of Jules Verne for children

Biography in short story about the admirable life of Jules Verne for children

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The wishes are just achieved with a little effort. This is one of the lessons that the fascinating life of one of the most important writers, whose works are part of universal literature, leaves us. Share with your children the biography in short story about Jules Verne, an admirable example of the power of work and imagination.

In addition, we have accompanied the story with some educational and reading comprehension activities for children.

Julio was born in Nantes, a French city. From a very young age, he showed that he had a powerful imagination and everyone around him knew it. He ran with his arms extended throughout the house living thousands of adventures.

- I'm going to land! Make way! I'm going to land!

- Piuffffffff! Piuffffff! Piufffffff! - He was shouting, pushing his three brothers out of his way, imagining a new story.

- I want to ship to India! - He said in the port to the men on the ship who looked at him with wide eyes when they saw him as a child.

- Where do you think you're going? You are eleven years old! - Shouted his father who was always behind him, knowing full well of his adventurous spirit. That day he made the boy promise that he would only travel with his imagination.

But Julio couldn't help it, he only thought about traveling and getting to know other places in the world. He liked reading and listening to stories as much as making them up.

As his father wanted him to be a lawyer like him, he sent him to study philosophy and law in Paris.

But Julio, instead of practicing as a lawyer, began to write poems and plays, although at that time it did not have much acceptance.

He fell in love with Hebe du Fraysse, a widowed woman who had two children, and in order to marry her, he decided to work as a stockbroker so that he could lead a more stable economic life. With her she had her son Michel.

Later, precisely because of his work, started traveling all over Europe and when he met new places and other people, his passion for writing was unleashed again.

Pierre-Jules Hetzel, a very famous editor at the time discovered that Julio was a great writer, saw that he was a visionary because he wrote fascinating stories about the future, and betting on him published his first work. The success he had was such that the publication of Five Weeks in a Balloon allowed Julio to leave his job as a stockbroker and dedicate himself only to what he was so passionate about: writing.

Then they would come 'Journey to the Center of the Earth',' From the Earth to the Moon ',' Twenty thousand leagues of underwater travel ',' Around the world in eighty days'.

Jules Verne invented the genre of science fiction and also influenced the way of making films.

With his kind of literature he made people dream of a futuristic world, fantastic and full of imagination.

The life of Jules Verne and his passion for writing inspires many children. Let's see if your child has soaked up the story you have read with some reading comprehension activities. It is important that children understand the meaning of the words they read, but it is also essential that they understand the general message that the text offers. Let's check it with the following exercises.

1. True or false?
Some of the following statements are true, while others are false. Will your child be able to detect which phrases are lies based on what he has read in the Jules Verne biography?

  • Jules Verne was a very imaginative child who was always playing and inventing.
  • Julio loved reading stories, but he also loved making them up.
  • If there was one thing Jules Verne hated, it was traveling to other countries.
  • Unfortunately, Jules Verne never wrote a work that became famous.

2. Make up a song
Another fun way to check if the children have paid attention to the story is to ask them to make up a song about the life of Jules Verne. Only if they have understood the text that you have shared will they be able to create a letter that gives details about the fascinating biography of this writer.

Your child may find it difficult to create this song at first. It is not an easy task! Therefore, we encourage you to start singing yourself. It won't take long to add to your melody. As a musical basis you can use a song that already exists or you can quickly compose a new song.

3. Illustrate the drawing
Have you ever stopped to think that drawing a picture of what you have read is also a way to check if your child has understood the text? If you haven't been paying attention to the lines you shared, you won't know where to start drawing.

And then we propose other educational activities, but very fun, with which your child can learn more about this famous writer.

4. Learn more about the works of Jules Verne
Some of the titles written by Jules Verne may sound familiar to you, but do you know what they are about? Take an encyclopedia or dive together on the Internet to learn more about the main works of this author, among which is 'Twenty thousand leagues of underwater travel' or 'Journey to the center of the Earth'.

5. Your own around the world in eighty days
One of Jules Verne's most famous novels is 'Around the World in Eighty Days'. Undoubtedly, this work has made many children (and adults) dream of completing a journey as spectacular as that of Phileas Fogg.

Why not organize your own trip around the world without getting off the couch? Take a children's world map and imagine all those countries or cities that you would like to visit. You can take the opportunity to tell your children some details or curiosities that you know about each of the regions of the world to which you would like to travel.

6. Read more biographies about famous people
And as a game to continue learning and encouraging your child's curiosity, we propose a small compilation of other biographies about different characters whose names have been forever written in world history books.

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