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Why you should organize a pajama party with your kids at home

Why you should organize a pajama party with your kids at home

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If you have an 8-year-old girl (they ask for it more than they), you've probably already organized a pajama party at home. If not, and you are like me, resisting, after what I am going to tell you, you will have no choice but to pick up the agenda and find a date to celebrate one. And is that the benefits of organizing a pajama party with your children and his friends at home are many. Attentive!

Pajama parties, sleepovers, sleepovers ... There are many names to define this meeting of children with their friends in the living room of a house. It is a very American tradition, which, as has happened with many others such as Halloween, Thanksgiving or Black Friday, has come to our culture to stay.

At first it began as a ritual that was done at a child's home during a weekend to have a fun time. The girls - it is more typical of them - had only to wear pajamas and they really wanted to have fun. But all this has changed a bit and has evolved to become a fashion in which you can not miss any detail and in one more way to celebrate birthdays.

Before telling you how to organize a pajama party at your house, I want to talk to you about something very interesting: the benefits that it has for the little ones to participate in this type of events and prepare them.

- Improve your autonomy
Children 'have' their living room, bedroom or patio / terrace (depending on the size of the family home and the time of year it is celebrated) to themselves. For a day, or rather for a few hours, children feel older, autonomous and independent.

- Strengthen ties with friends
Pajama parties last almost 12 hours. Guests come home in the afternoon, play for a while, put on pajamas, tell stories and sleep, even for a few hours, until the next morning. An experience that will strengthen the friendship between all the members of this party.

- Develop imagination and creativity
The girls will invent stories and games, they will dream that they are all going to live in New York, they will imagine how they will be when they grow up ... Little things that will allow them to work and develop their creativity.

- Learn the sense of responsibility
The hostess will want everything to go perfectly, that is why she will be involved from the beginning in all the preparations, she will not want anything to fail and will do her best to make it happen!

Although teepees, which are small cabins that you can rent for your pajama party, have now become very fashionable, there is nothing like doing it with your own hands and, thus, involving your little one. We are going to give you the advice so that you next party be a success.

- Set a home site
This is the first point and the one that will determine the following. You have to know in which corner of your house you can host this party and then go preparing everything.

- Search for a theme
Perhaps the reason for this meeting is your daughter's birthday or, simply, an excuse for your daughter to see her friends, but in any case it would not be wrong to look for a theme that serves to decorate everything.

- Make a guest list and summon them
Three, five or eight? Whatever they are, you have to notify them in advance and tell them what to bring. Pajamas, of course, but what else can you think of?

- Choose activities to do
What do your daughters and their friends like to do? This will also be important to think about the games and activities they want to do: invent choreography, make hairstyles, create paper crafts, draw ...

- Prepare a menu for the party
Fun is not incompatible with good nutrition. With time, you can prepare homemade pizza with vegetables without having to use the pre-made ones or cook a delicious potato omelette. Everyone is sure to love it!

- Do not worry about bedtime
'Where do so many girls go to sleep?' This is the big question parents ask themselves and what stops them when it comes to organizing a pajama party. Do not worry, children are not demanding and as long as they are with their friends, anything goes! You can use mattresses that you have in other rooms, enable the sofa as a bed or buy mats and have each one bring a sleeping bag. Have you seen how simple?

- Make a surprise detail
Surely nobody is going to forget this great day, but to make that moment even more special, I propose two things. On the one hand, have the girls take a final photo and then take a copy for each one of them or, on the other, make a small memory in advance to take home, such as a magic wand.

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