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Saint Manuel's Day, January 1. Names for boys

Saint Manuel's Day, January 1. Names for boys

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Manuel is a name for a boy of Hebrew origin that means 'God accompanies us' and we can affirm that it has been, is and will be one of the most frequent names in the world, because Manuel never goes out of style. A very appropriate name for your baby if you do not like extravagances, but not old-fashioned names either. He celebrates his name day on January 1, which is Saint Manuel's day.

Manuel or Emmanuel is also the other name that Jesus had. The weight of its meaning makes the boy named Manuel have a lot of confidence in himself, something very important to achieve success in life. Manuel is sensitive and sociable and exudes optimism which makes him the soul of his group of friends. Her curiosity is insatiable, but she tends to be scattered, so she sometimes needs help to focus.

Manuel is the form that this name takes in Spanish, because in most languages ​​the variant Emmanuel and the like are used. The affectionate nickname of Manolo and the diminutive Manu are very frequent, although we especially like the Asturian variant Nel. Imanol is the form that Manuel adopts in Euskera, although we have it perfectly assimilated as Spanish.

Imanol is precisely the name of some well-known and beloved characters such as the film director Imanol Uribe and the actor Imanol Arias. Nor can we forget the importance of the philosopher Inmanuel Kant. Singers like Manu Carrasco and Manu Chao carry your son's name all over the place, although Manuel is not a name that needs promotion.

That Manuel is such a frequent name dates back to the time of the reconquest, when Jews and Moors had to convert to Christianity in order not to be expelled from the peninsula. So, most of the converts chose the name Manuel, for its meaning, to baptize their children and guarantee them a better life.

On January 1, in addition to being known in the Catholic Church as the celebration of Emmanuel, the name of the Messiah, it is also popular because more saints are celebrated on that day. Read well on our list in case you have to congratulate someone else on this date!

  • Holy Mary, Mother of God, virgin
  • Saint Almaquio
  • San Claro
  • Saint Eugene
  • Saint Frodoberto
  • San Fulgencio
  • Saint William Abbot of Saint Beningno of Dijon
  • Saint Joseph Maria Tomasi
  • St. Justin Bishop
  • Saint Odilon of Cluny

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There are many names for boys that begin with the letter M, besides Manuel. If you still doubt whether to keep it and want to see more name options that start with this alphabet letter, take note of the most popular, original and special!

  • Frames. There are two versions as to its origin. Some point out that it is of Germanic origin and that it means 'virile', while others point to Latin roots and that it means 'consecrated to Mars'. Its best known variants are the Italian, Marco, the German, Markus, the French Marc or the English Mark.
  • Matthew. Biblical name, name of a saint, and the name of one of the 12 apostles in the New Testament. Can you ask for more? Before Matthew became an apostle (and the patron saint of bankers and accountants), his name was Levi. Mateo comes with the fancy nickname Teo and variations Matteo, Matias and Matthias. Mateo has made a dramatic rise in popularity since 1992, and although he has slowed down, he shows no signs of stopping. International soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo named one of his twins Mateo in 2017 and that has put him at the highest point.
  • Milan. In recent years it has become very fashionable again, since the couple formed by Shakira and Piqué chose it for the first of their children. Many people related it to the Italian city, but this name also has its origins and its history. Of Slavic origin, it means dear, gracious and loving. He celebrates his saint on December 7.
  • Martin. It borrows its form from the Latin name Martinus, which came from Mars, the Roman god of war. The popularity of the name in the ancient Christian world was influenced by Saint Martin de Tours, a disinterested 4th century bishop who was the patron saint of France.

Have you heard of numerology? It is about the science that studies the relationship between letters, numbers and divine forces, that is, it allows you to know the personality of your child through the digits that hide each of the vowels and consonants that compose it. In Manuel's case, it would be 1, like the day he is born. Chance? Not!

Positive traits
Since he is born he is used to being number 1 and that is something that will greatly influence his life and his relationship with others. At school, for example, he will always be chosen as the class delegate and, in terms of studies, being a very demanding and perfectionist person, he will always seek to be among the most awarded. On the other hand, they are children with a lot of initiative and pro activity. You will have to take a good look at the list of extracurricular activities, because you will want to sign up for all of them!

Negative traits
What we are going to tell you may shock you, but the fact of always wanting to be in the spotlight of others will cause certain problems of self-esteem and insecurity. And it is that at the moment in which the attention turns to another side that is not his, he will not bear it! Something similar will happen at home, because children governed by this number will always seek the affection of their parents, specifically their mother, until they can become a bit absorbing and limiting.

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