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Good resolutions of parents and children for the new year

Good resolutions of parents and children for the new year

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A new Year It is about to begin and it is a good occasion, both for parents and children, to reflect on all that was done, the good and the bad, during the year that is ending. At the same time, it is a good time to acknowledge how much they have grown and give thanks for everything that has happened to them. It is time to renew illusions and hope, to motivate yourself and make good resolutions for the new year, both on the part of parents and children. How? We will tell you.

Establish some guidelines for children's resolutions for the new year it will be a great challenge for children. The little ones love to know what they can expect from them, and also to see how they carry out and put into practice everything they set out to do. Having a goal will help you build your self-esteem and boost your good attitudes.

Here are some ideas for propositions for children:

1. Improve hygiene: wash hands before meals, brush teeth, do not refuse to go to the shower every day ...

2. Share toys, food, snacks, moments ... with other children.

3. Ditch the diapers and pacifier.

4. Collect and organize toys and clothes.

5. Do things alone: ​​bathe, tie shoelaces, eat alone, dress alone ...

6. Help with housework, making the bed, picking up the room, setting or removing the table.

7. Do your homework and study every day, with the aim of getting better grades in school.

8. Sign up and playing sports. Not being so much in front of the television.

9. Be more responsible both at home and at school.

10. Be more generous and kind to family and friends.

Not only children must learn to have good resolutions for the new year, it is important that parents also do their part and teach them by example. Here are some ideas of intentions for parents for a better family coexistence:

11. Strengthen respect for your children.

12. Dedicate more time to be and play with the children.

13. Do not promise anything to children that they cannot deliver.

14. Listen more to the children, not only to what they say but also to what they feel.

15. Have more patience and tolerance with children.

16. Apply discipline and limits to your measure to children.

17. Educate by example, forever.

18. Participate in the children's school life.

19. Get to know the children's friends.

20. Learn with children. They have a lot to teach us!

In addition to individual goals that children and parents set for themselves, there are other purposes that we can consider as a family. These will help us to spend more and better time together each time we meet. Will we be able to fulfill all these New Years resolutions?

21. Find more time to spend together enjoying each other's company.

22. Try to fight less when we are with family. To do this, we have to develop empathy and patience, among others.

23. Turn off the television during lunch and dinner to talk about our things: how we feel, what we have made the day special, how it went ...

24. Improve communication between parents and children. This involves a little effort on the part of both of you to learn to listen.

25. Create a library at home, with books that we all like, or go to the library more often.

26. Tell the rest of the family members how much we love them and remind them that they have very positive qualities. This will help raise the self-esteem of the whole family, which will be happier.

27. Before going to bed, we thank the rest of the family for the good times that we have shared. We can also take the opportunity to apologize in case we have done something wrong.

28. Betting on a slightly healthier life: doing sports, eating more varied and healthy ...

29. Build an environment of affection, love and values ​​at home. This is the key with which we could summarize the rest of all the previous purposes.

Do you know what your resolutions will be for the new year that begins? Well done! Now it only remains to get them. And this year, we will achieve them, that's for sure! Below you will find some keys or tips that will help you meet all the goals that you set for the new stage that is beginning.

- Make a list and have it visible
Making a list, all together, of the resolutions that we are finally going to set for the following year is very important. In this way, we will be internalizing them, both adults and children. The best thing is that the whole family participates in this moment, since we will take the goals that we set ourselves as a mission that we must complete together, for which we have to help and support each other.

To make this list, we can let our imagination fly and use colors, cutouts, drawings, stickers ... Then, we can hang it somewhere in the house that looks good: the refrigerator, the entrance hall, etc. In this way we will always keep our purposes in mind.

- Set realistic goals
It is useless to set very great goals, if we are not going to meet them. Therefore, we must agree on goals with our children that are realistic, that are in our power. Otherwise, we run the risk of losing the desire, both large and small, to fight for the rest of the proposed projects.

- Let them be goals that motivate us
There is no better way to ensure that we are going to fulfill the purposes than to set some goals that motivate us. For example, children may very much want to sign up for soccer training, so it will motivate them a lot, and they will surely achieve their purpose of playing more sport.

- Convey positivity to children
If we ourselves repeat over and over again that we are not going to be able to achieve our purposes or we are too pessimistic, we will be setting a negative example for our children, in addition to creating a very un-optimistic environment at home. For this reason, it is important to convey a positive message to children in which we say: 'we can achieve everything we set out to do!' In this way, we will be a little closer to achieving the objectives.

- Point out the purposes that we achieve
As the year goes by, we will accomplish everything that we now propose (with a bit of luck). It is important to write down everything that we achieve on a sheet of paper or mark it in some way (with a sticker, with a color, with a tick ...) in the list of purposes that we post. In this way, we will be sending a motivational message to the children and to ourselves. Little by little we will see that we are capable of fulfilling all the purposes that we have set ourselves and this will motivate us to continue striving for the rest.

Happy New Year to all!

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