Christmas menu for pregnant moms

Christmas menu for pregnant moms

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It is a fact that pregnant moms they have to watch their diet and take extreme care of the food they eat. It is very important not to consume raw food, especially if you did not pass the toxoplasmosis test, eat enough calcium a day or not drink excess sugar.

However, eating a balanced and healthy diet is not incompatible with enjoying Christmas dinner and tasting the exquisite dishes served on these special dates. You may not be able to have Serrano ham or other cold cuts, but aren't there other dishes that are just as delicious?

The idea that being pregnant is equivalent to being sick must be banished once and for all. Not at all! Despite the possible discomfort of the first months (nausea, vomiting, bloating, dizziness), we must try to enjoy this opportunity that life offers us because it is special, unique and unrepeatable, and that is, even if, in the future, you look for another pregnancy , it won't be the same.

And you have to savor this great moment of being pregnant at all times of the year. It does not matter if it is winter or that we are at the beach or that Christmas is approaching, you have to experience pregnancy every day and every moment! All we have to do is take the appropriate precautions in each situation. For example, in winter protect ourselves from the cold to avoid contracting the flu, or in summer be very careful with the sun.

What happens at Christmas? In December what you have to do is, above all, take extreme precautions with what is ingested and the amounts in which it is made. Here are some recommendations!

- One of the typical dishes on any table is seafood. Be careful with its consumption, because as it is a raw fish, it can be recommended for possible germs it may have.

- The same happens with meat (carpaccio type). What we advise you here is that if you are going to eat beef, pork or lamb, make sure it is well done.

- If, on the other hand, fish are the main dish in your house, be very careful with certain fish (sword tuna) because of their high content in doses of mercury.

- Cheeses are another of the foods with which you must be careful to avoid the spread of listeria. They must be dairy products that are pasteurized and this information is on the label.

- If you are one of those who like to add sauce to everything, control! Many of them have pepper or other spicy substances and can cause heartburn and heartburn.

- Alcohol during pregnancy is more than forbidden, but luckily there are plenty of champagnes in large supermarkets without a drop of alcohol so that pregnant women can also toast a new year full of good times.

- Marzipan, nougat or any other type of dessert is a temptation for anyone, right? You can eat them, but don't apply the theory that a pregnant woman has to eat with two. Consume sweets in moderation to avoid being a surprise the next time you visit your gynecologist's scale.

Have you taken good note of what you can eat and what you should avoid during your pregnancy at Christmas dinners and meals? GuiaInfantil suggests you delicious and healthy dishes to enjoy Christmas dinner or Christmas Eve meal. Do not miss this delicious and complete menu of Christmas recipes for pregnant women.

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Pregnancy can rarely be programmed, so if this Christmas you are caught in full pregnancy instead of complaining or seeing it as an inconvenience, put on the glasses of positivism because the benefits are many.

- Avoid going through the summer months and, with them, suffer the heat of high temperatures.

- Winter clothes are looser, so you probably won't have to invest a lot in renovating your wardrobe.

- At Christmas we lack days to attend all the events that they propose us. If you don't feel like going to one, you already have an excuse!

- You will start the year with another motivation, and that is that the illusion of having your little one soon in your arms is indescribable.

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