Forbidden baby names

Forbidden baby names

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Dolores Fuertes de Barriga, Elsa Capunta or Esteban Dido are names that they can generate mockery. Even more so among children. For them, a simple surname, like Lechuga or Gordo, awakens giggles and jeers. For this reason, in many countries some names and combinations are prohibited when registering the child in the Civil Registry. When you go to name your child, keep the last name in mind and avoid being rude.

Depending on the country where you are, you will have more or less freedom when choosing the name of your child. Thus, in countries like the US, there are no limitations of any kind, since there is no law that regulates it. However, in most European countries and many South American countries, they are names that may be offensive are prohibited and damage the child's self-esteem.

A) Yes, in countries like Romania, children can never have names that may be funny. For example, 'Paracetamol' or 'Doctor'. Are also prohibited the indecent and ridiculous names. And there are people with really strange names. At the height of the originality of the parents, in their day they gave many babies names like these: 'Toronegro', 'Tonto' and 'Muerto'.

And while in Sweden Banned the names 'Superman' and 'Metallica', in Dominican Republic they decided to ban the names of fruits and car brands, due to the alarming increase in children with names of this type.

In MexicoSome names have also been banned as they are considered degrading for a child. This is the case of 'Rambo', 'Batman', 'Cacerolo', 'Facebook', 'Marciana', 'Harry Potter', 'Hitler', 'Usnavy', 'Caesarea', 'Hitler', 'James Bond', 'Shakira', 'Terminator' or 'Fulanito'.

In Brazil There is a law that prohibits names that may be humiliating for the baby, and there are prohibited names because they have a confusing spelling for children that can interfere with their literacy. Parents can in this country try to put a prohibited name on their child anyway, as long as they get it in court in a very long process that can exceed two years.

In colombia, the fashionable names are 'Santiago' and 'Valentina'. The most common, 'Luz Marina' and 'José'. And the longest name, 'Adriana Clemencia del Corazón y de la Santísima Trinidad'.

In countries like Saudi Arabia, Up to 50 names are prohibited, some that have a religious connotation, such as Binyamin (Benjamin in Hebrew) and others for being foreigners, such as Linda or Alice.

In Spain names that may be offensive are prohibited, ridiculous, inappropriate or humiliating for children, such as 'Lucifer', 'Mandarina', 'Cain' or 'Judas'. But they can get names like 'Marciana'. And Spanish parents must also take into account the child's last name, since they cannot form compound names that generate ridicule.

Although the most common names are still 'Antonio', 'José', 'María' or 'Lucía' (among others), there are more and more cases of parents who seek originality. They want their child to be unique, and end up choosing names like 'Digna', 'Shakira', 'Robocop', 'Burger King' or 'Miley'. Although in the past, difficult pronunciation names were also given, such as 'Eufronia', 'Germalina', 'Filogonio', 'Diamantina', 'Chindasvinto' or 'Marceonila'.

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