The most popular names in Dominican Republic for girls

The most popular names in Dominican Republic for girls

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Choosing the baby's name is one of the great decisions to which future dads have to face. It is not always possible to satisfy the whole family when it comes to naming the baby and it should always be a priority that it be a suitable name for your girl and that it reinforces her personality.

In Dominican Republic They don't take chances with weird names or fashions, preferring traditional but authentic names for their girls. That is why in the list of frequent names for girls we find names that are very familiar to us, except one that is emblematic of the country, Altagracia.

1. Altagracia. It is a name of unusual Latin origin outside of the Dominican Republic. However, in this country it is the most frequent name for girls and has a great roots. The beauty of this name lies in its musicality and it has a long religious tradition going for it.

2. Juana. The name is of Hebrew origin and is as frequent for a girl as its masculine Juan. It is an almost universal name, recognized and very popular all over the world, with a special force capable of reinforcing the personality of your girl.

3. Maria. This name is of Hebrew origin and also has an almost universal character. We are faced with the quintessential girl name, both in the Dominican Republic and in the rest of the world and that is why it can appear alone or combined with others in countless compound names.

4. Elizabeth. The name is of Hebrew origin although it is presented in its English variant. In the Dominican Republic, they prefer this version to their possible correspondence in Spanish, Isabel or Elisa, because it gives their girls a sophisticated and modern touch.

5. Maria Altagracia. The Hebrew origin of María joins the Latin origin of Altagracia in an extraordinary combination of the two most emblematic names in the Dominican Republic. The inevitable Maria only reinforces the delicacy of that ideal name that is Altagracia.

6. Mercedes. It is a name of Latin origin that has been transmitted to us through religious tradition. The name maintains all the freshness despite its use, being one of those names whose popularity remains unchanged and alien to fashions.

7. Ramona. The name has a Germanic origin with a meaning that implies divine protection. Its popularity is based on the strength it gives off, being a forceful name capable of providing a great personality.

8. Carmen. The Latin origin of this name and its meaning related to a song of life make Carmen one of the most appreciated names for girls in the Hispanic world. Alone or combined with other names, its delicacy is perfect for your girl.

9. Santa. This name is of Latin origin with a long tradition but little used as a proper name. It is very characteristic of the Dominican Republic and we love it because it is original and distinguished. Also, its meaning related to perfection and purity only increases its appeal.

10. Francisca. The name is of Germanic origin and is as popular as its masculine, Francisco. If it remains among the frequent names for girls it is because of its traditional flavor, but also because of that meaning that implies freedom.

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