Do children inherit their parents' profession?

Do children inherit their parents' profession?

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From Mahatma Gandhi to Pablo Picasso. Or the Douglas family of actors ... They all inherited their parents' work or passion in their day.

Will it have to see how we educate our children? Does it have to do with what the children see at home? Or is the vocation something that is inherited?

I grew up between the scents of acrylic paints, oils and turpentine. I admired the pulse with which my father brought a canvas to life with each brushstroke. And yet I was never able to draw well. I decided to go in another direction. After all, most do. Or not?

Maybe everything has to do with the education you receive at home. And there are two types of parents:

1. Those that give your child the freedom to develop their skills and they let you choose the path, even if the path they choose is often not the best, or the one with the most career opportunities. And even if it is not the path that they chose, nor the one that they would choose for them.

2. Parents who try to 'train' their children from a young age so that they can follow in your footsteps. Doctors who want their children to be doctors. Actors who do everything possible so that their children inherit their virtues ...

According to a study by the Stanford University (USA), only 10% of children end up being the same as their parents. The reason? From a young age, and without realizing it, we teach our children to think like us, but then there is mobility and freedom for each child to develop their gifts or talents.

However, some professions have been detected with a higher rate of 'inheritance' between parents and children, more familiar occupations. The chances that your child works in the same way that you work increases if you are: lawyer or jurist, doctor, professor or engineer.

The tendency to work in the same thing as parents decreases as the years go by. There are fewer and fewer cases of children who want to be the same as their parents.

According to those who developed this study, it is due to the emergence of new professions and the increase in the labor supply. Now there are many more jobs than before. What would our great-grandparents say about the work of the Community Manager? And from the developer of mobile applications?

On the other hand, 'imitating' parents in the purest professional sense has benefited women, who have managed to break many stereotypes and work, like their parents, in professions that before were almost 'banned' for them, like engineering or medicine.

In the end, it is they who choose. Without a doubt, if you motivate your children towards what represents a passion for you, the possibility that they will follow in your footsteps will always be greater. But it will never be decisive. And you, do you want your older son to follow in your footsteps?

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