Children's antics in very original photos

Children's antics in very original photos

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My photo album is full of very similar photos: children on the beach, children in the park, children with grandparents, children on their birthdays, children on their first day of school ... We parents capture images of our children in special moments but, do you have a photo of your son doing a mischief? Have you immortalized any shenanigans with your camera? Jason lee, an American photographer did it, and his images are really original.

Jason is a wedding photographer who one day decided to take different photos of his daughters, Krsitin and Kayla. It started in 2006, when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Her daughters were constantly ill with colds and colds and could not go to see their grandmother to avoid passing the viruses to her. That's when Lee decided to take original photos so that her mother could see how they behaved in their daily life. Since then, she has published these nice photos on her blog and through them we can see the evolution of two naughty and very funny girls.

You don't have to be an expert photographer like Jason Lee, nor is it a matter of chasing your children with a camera to capture the moment when they are painting the wall with a marker or one of your children is trying to make a 'modern' haircut while another but, isn't it fun to have a kids photo album like this? It is different and original, and the ideas, as in this case, can come from your own children, whose imagination will surprise you.

Photographs: Blog Kayla and Kristin

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