Saint Elijah's Day, July 20. Names for boys

Saint Elijah's Day, July 20. Names for boys

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Elías is a name for a boy of Hebrew origin that means 'my God is Yahweh'. It is a name with an ancient tradition full of meaning, and as it is not one of the most frequent names, it can be ideal for your child to maintain originality without falling into eccentricity.

Celebrate your name day theJuly 20th, which is the day of Saint Elias.

The name Elías implies a strong and charismatic personality. Elías is imaginative, resourceful and creative. His character immediately attracts the admiration of others for having great self-confidence and enormous capacity for resolution. In addition, Elías is energetic and dynamic, with leadership and entrepreneurial skills. All these elements make Elías the ideal person to succeed.

The name of your son is recognized throughout the world thanks to the biblical tradition, although today it is already stripped of any religious symbolism it might have. The best known variants of Elías are the French Elie, the Italian Elia and the English Elijah, the latter one of the forms that arouse the most interest due to its attractiveness.

If history has left us with great famous characters named Elías, today we also find representation of the name of your son, especially in the world of cinema. From America we also get Elijah Wood who played Frodo in 'The Lord of the Rings'.

As a curiosity, few people know the real name of one of the myths of cinema that has made millions of people dream around the world, Walter Elías Disney. Although the popularity of the name Elías is mainly due to the mysterious biblical prophet of the 9th century BC. C. recognized both by Christianity, as by Islam and Judaism.

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