When the baby is weaning

When the baby is weaning

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Sooner or later the moment comes when we say goodbye to breastfeeding. But this is not a specific moment. You cannot say what will happen in a given month. Each baby is a world and each mother too. And only they will decide.

We tell you about the time of the weaning of the baby, who chooses when that moment arrives and what the mother should do during this process.

Weaning can occur either when the baby decides or when the mother decides:

1. When is the baby who decides: When it is the baby who decides that he no longer wants to drink breast milk, it usually happens overnight. That is, there are no signs that our child will no longer want to continue breastfeeding. The baby, at one point, decides that he no longer wants to breastfeed. You cannot say what will happen in a given month, because each baby is different. There are babies who decide that by the eighth month they no longer want breast milk and others who, however, prolong it for 12 or 15 months.

In any case, you must always respect the will of the baby who decides voluntarily that he has already had enough breast milk.

2. When it is the mother who decides: It may also be the mother who decides to stop breastfeeding, either because she has to go to work and will not be able to continue breastfeeding on a regular basis, or because she has to start medical treatment that requires her to stop breastfeeding suddenly.

In the case in which the mother has to abruptly stop breastfeeding, she must use medications that stop her suddenly. They can also be supported by these physical measures:

- Do not stimulate the nipple under any circumstances, do not use the breast pump or put the baby to the breast.

- Use bandages or a bra two sizes smaller than those you normally use.

- Apply cold to the area if it is sore or you notice a rise in milk.

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