Curious gestures of babies in the womb

Curious gestures of babies in the womb

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What does the baby do in the womb throughout the gestation? Moms can feel him move, hiccup, kick or even hit with his hands. But, there is no small window through which to see what you spend your time on other than sleeping and enjoying a warm environment. It is the ultrasounds that give us information and sometimes we get really curious images, like the latter in which the baby gave a big 'like' to his mother.

It was a great coincidence, but Nicole Kim, a Canadian mom who came in for a routine ultrasound, got a big surprise. And it is that the technician brought the image to the baby and caught him in a snapshot that he will remember forever: the baby had his fist clenched and his finger raised. It is the classic OK gesture that has become popular on Facebook.

The joy was great for Kim as she was going through a delicate moment, because her husband had been fired from work. For them it is a sign that everything is going to be fine from now on. The image, of course, went viral from the moment they decided to publish it.

Ultrasounds generally show a calm baby who is resting peacefully. However, images sometimes show curious and surprising scenes of what babies who have not even been born can do. They are innate gestures, which they have not copied or observed in anyone, and which reveal a lot about the instinct of the human being.

This is the case of ultrasounds that show babies sucking their fingers, making the victory gesture or even covering their faces with their hands, as in several cases of smoking mothers.

Perhaps as it is difficult for me to see the baby in a normal ultrasound, where sometimes you only see grayish spots and shapes, but the gesture of this baby giving a big 'like' his parents, It does not escape the sight of anyone, so much so that it has already gone around the world. Sometimes fortuitous and unexpected events are what make us smile big.

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