Zootopia, a fun animal movie for kids

Zootopia, a fun animal movie for kids

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Can you imagine that animals were actually like people? There is a place, not too far away, where foxes, rabbits, mice, dogs or sloths coexist as if they were humans. In fact, in this place, humans do not exist. This place is called Zootopia, and it is the last bet of Walt Disney.

Zootopia tells the story of Nick, a very clever fox who will have to help Judy, a police rabbit, solve a case. Other animals have devised a plot against them. Why? Who have they been?

Hilarious animated comedy for the whole family. An original and very entertaining adventure for children and adults that also transmits values ​​such as perseverance, motivation and the fight for justice.

Zootopia Technical Sheet:

Title: Zootopia.

Nationality: USA

Release year: 2016

Production Company: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Director: Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Bush

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