A mom's ability to dress four babies at once

A mom's ability to dress four babies at once

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There are moms who deserve a great prize, this is the case of the mother of a funny video that has gone viral. patience!

Babies, all on the bed, crawl, roll, jump, and crawl. Meanwhile, the mother, without stopping smiling and without getting angry, is able to dress them one by one, a complicated discipline for which not everyone is prepared.

More than one CEO would like to have this 'superwoman' in their work team, because if she is able to face 4 babies without shedding a drop of sweat, what could she not do in the business world.

Perhaps many of us have thought when watching the video why it was not one by one, to avoid chaos in bed and that one of them could fall, however, the ability of this mother who seems to have 8 arms to serve them it is unquestionable.

I shudder just thinking about how he manages with 4 babies and the baths, mealtime, a walk in the park or just doing chores.

I, who am a 'trimamá', have, in addition to dark circles and a significant sleep debt, some tricks to be able to deal with on a day-to-day basis when there are several children you have to attend to and each one has their needs, here are some tips that I usually put into practice to organize myself:

- Ask for help: is rule number 1. There are times when it is essential to have more hands that can attend to children.

- Bathe them together: If they can already sit in the bathtub, you can put them together and at once, you have done two baths. If it is a baby, you can bathe with it and thus in addition to strengthening the bond, you reduce two tasks to one. If there are more babies, they can wait in a hammock in the bathroom or you can put him in front of the television with some drawings to entertain him.

- Baskets to organize: toys, diapers, dirty clothes ... They are essential so as not to waste a lot of time picking up the entire 'battlefield' that is organized with so many children.

- Cook and freeze: Puree enough to freeze helps those times when you don't have time to cook and don't want to give your baby industrial jars.

- Buy online: It is a relief as going to the supermarket with three or more children can be a disaster.

- If you breastfeed, you can breastfeed and get out of the other while to save. Oh, and that time is ideal to make those calls that you can't make at other times.

And, very important: try to avoid stress because the house is not as clean and tidy as you would like or because you have been wearing the same tracksuit for three days. If you have a moment of panic, stop, take a deep breath, put on pleasant music and try to create an endearing situation with your children, either with games or laughter, is the best antidote to stress.

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