10 names related to wisdom for boys and girls

10 names related to wisdom for boys and girls

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It is not always easy to choose a baby's name due to the large number of options we have. Each family is inspired in a different way when searching for the name, some choose modern names and others more traditional.

We have noticed the wisdom because we can find baby names with meanings that can positively influence the life of our baby. These are our favorite names related to wisdom for boys and girls.

1. Sofia. This name for a girl is of Greek origin and its meaning is literally 'wisdom'. We like it because it has the strength of traditional names that never go out of style.

2. Hugo. It is one of the most beautiful names for boys. It has a Germanic origin, and means 'intelligent'. His charisma has made him one of the most popular names with that modern and sophisticated touch.

3. Sonia. The name is the Russian variant of Sofia, so it shares the same meaning of 'wisdom'. It is a name with a lot of personality that brings a distinguished and very seductive touch.

4. Nestor. This name for boys is of Greek origin and means 'the remembered'. Its relationship with wisdom comes from being one of those mythological names centered on the character of Nestor from 'The Iliad' who was famous for his prudence and for his knowledge.

5. Berta. The name is of Germanic origin and means 'sparkly'. It is one of the names for girls most sought after by families because it perfectly combines tradition with modernity and is a very original name.

6. Raúl. This boy's name is of Germanic origin and means 'brave advisor'. We like it because it is a short name with enough forcefulness to stay away from fashions and trends.

7. Alice. It is a name of Greek origin that means 'true', a concept that is closely related to wisdom. It has a sweet touch that makes it irresistible and is also backed by the strength of tradition.

8. Samuel. The name is of Hebrew origin and means 'to whom God listens'. In addition to being a biblical name, it has managed to preserve that touch of freshness of names with personality.

9. Athena. This name of Greek origin represents the 'goddess of wisdom' and we find it charming because of the power it transmits. Without a doubt, a name with ideal charisma for your girl.

10. Plato. The name is of Greek origin and its meaning is 'broad'. Although its meaning is not related to wisdom, it is the name of one of the wisest characters in history, the philosopher Plato.

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