Cancer is no longer an obstacle to being a mother

Cancer is no longer an obstacle to being a mother

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We already knew that a woman could breastfeed her baby after breast cancer, but also today a woman with ovarian cancer can be a mother. Cancer is no longer an obstacle to being a mother.

There are several procedures, but until now in Spain no child had been born by oocyte vitrification. The Dexeus University Institute of Barcelona has achieved the first Spanish birth by this method.

To date, the techniques used to preserve an egg were ineffective and had a fairly high error rate, especially if we consider that up to 100 frozen eggs were needed to achieve a newborn. The failures that prevented the ovum from being viable for fertilization occurred during the cryopreservation process. The crystals that formed during the freezing of the ovum irreparably damaged the cell.

Scientists continued to investigate to give a technique that would eliminate the formation of crystals and finally discovered a process that achieved their conservation. It is vitrification, which consists of reducing the temperature to which the oocyte is exposed, from an initial 22º C to -196º C in such a fast way that the cooling speed is 23,000 degrees per minute, unlike the techniques traditional where the speed oscillated between -0.3 and -2º C. In this way, a liquid body becomes vitreous and in this state they can be preserved indefinitely.

The woman, who has been the mother of a baby, suffered from ovarian cancer that put her reproductive capacity at risk. Vitrification of her eggs occurred shortly after the first ovary was removed and before the second was removed. This woman underwent two cycles of ovarian stimulation to obtain oocytes for vitrification. A year and a half after overcoming cancer, the oocytes were implanted and 39 weeks later her baby was born, which she named Mario. Congratulations, brave!

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