4 ways to improve children's self-esteem

4 ways to improve children's self-esteem

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Self-esteem is the judgment we make of ourselves, our physique, behavior, thought, way of doing things or feeling. When we see children who act with confidence and others who do so with many doubts, we can immediately know how each one's self-esteem is. What does this depend on? In large part about how their parents treat those children and how they label them.

And it is that we tend to label children for what they do, we usually say phrases such as 'you are very bad', 'you are clumsy' or any other derogatory qualifier. Many times we don't realize how important words are to our children and how what we tell them, they absorb, observe and apply to their day to day.

Therefore, if you want your children to have good self-esteem and be happy, you have to observe that all the judgments and statements you make to them are positive. To achieve this, follow these 4 tips:

1. The importance of attitude. There are four attitudes that parents can carry out with their children and depending on them, our children will develop good or bad self-esteem:

- I'm fine, you're fine: it's about not judging the child, just accepting and loving him as he is. It is the basis that we must use to promote and stimulate self-esteem in the child.

- I'm fine, you're bad: we use it when we criticize the child.

- I am wrong, you are fine: without wanting to feel we are victims of our children and we transmit messages to them like 'I can't stand you', and they feel little loved and respected.

- You and I are wrong: it ends with loud screams between parents and children and it is the worst attitude we can carry out.

2- Let your child be himself:When we think of our children, many times we do not realize that they are people who must develop, think and feel for themselves. We do not let them make and follow their criteria. It is very important that they develop their own personality and way of doing things, so that they feel respected for who they are and thus have a high self-esteem.

3. Boost your self-esteem: It is important that parents show that we have high self-esteem, for this we must think about what things we do well and share them with our children, not from arrogance but from pride. In this way, children will have a model of how self-esteem can be reinforced because we are mirrors in which they look to copy behaviors.

4- He only wants your children: If you ever don't know what to do or how to proceed with your children, just love them unconditionally, so that they feel loved and protected, and that allows them to be themselves and bring out the best that they have inside.

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