How to help a child who feels rejected

How to help a child who feels rejected

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Rejection and disappointment are two difficult feelings to understand and to bear, and more so if children suffer from them. Resilience is a trait that parents must promote in their children so that when they feel disappointed or rejected they can overcome these feelings and that it does not negatively affect their self-esteem.

A child who feels rejected is because he believes that he does not fit in with others, be it with his classmates, with a group of friends and even with family and friends. But how can you help a child who feels rejected?

1. Understand their feelings. The first thing your child needs is that you listen to him and understand what he is going through, so he can understand and normalize his feelings so that he can handle them the next time they appear inside him. If your child hasn't been invited to a birthday party, he will need your comfort, but don't feel sorry for him.

2. Failure in friendship is not bad. Your child may be afraid of failure because he has been rejected, but you must teach him that failure is an excellent learning experience even if it creates uncomfortable feelings. When we fail or your child feels rejected when a friendship has failed, it can help to reevaluate their goals and be able to value people more and know that not everyone deserves their friendship.

3. Improve social skills. Sometimes children feel rejected because they do not understand non-verbal language when, for example, he tries to be funny in class and does not succeed or when his classmates tell him to stop and he continues just to be accepted, achieving the opposite.

4. Tolerance for frustration. Perhaps the child feels rejected because he has negative behavior towards others and they withdraw from him. When this happens it is necessary for children to realize what is happening in order to solve it. For example, if your child does not know how to lose and gets angry every time he does not win in a game, you may need to work on tolerance for frustration and practice reactions with board games at home.

5. There are more fish in the sea. If a child has been rejected by another child or by some group such as classmates, let him know that if they do not accept him, he should not stoop to trying to make them his friends. There are many people in the world who can be your friends and much better. People should accept and respect him, just as he should do with others.

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