Videos of Carnival candy recipes for kids

Videos of Carnival candy recipes for kids

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Fun proposals ofdesserts recipes traditional Carnival to celebrate these special days with children. Typical sweets typical of the Carnival parties that the smallest of the house like so much. Take advantage of these videos with the step-by-step instructions and teach the culinary traditions of Carnival to your children.

Do not miss these videos of recipes for cakes, torrijas and other desserts typical of Carnival celebrations so that you can follow, from home, our advice when preparingtasty sweets with the kids.

Recommended videos with recipe ideas to make sweet traditional Carnival. Do not hesitate to take advantage of these videos to cook with your children.

Video with recipe for pancakes. Have you ever tried pancakes? They are a homemade Galician dessert that is eaten especially on Carnival days. In this video we will tell you how to prepare them step by step, what ingredients you need and how to accompany them to make them the favorite dessert of the whole family.

Video with recipe for fried milk. Fried milk is a traditional recipe for the Carnival festivities, a delicious dessert, tasty, inexpensive, very easy and fun to prepare with children.

French toast recipe. Milk torrijas recipe. Recipes for Easter. Recipes for Easter. our site offers us a video tutorial on how to make, learn step by step the recipe to cook delicious French toast. Traditional recipes of Holy Week.

Rag bear cake. Prepare this Rag Bear cake for the children. With fondant, edible glue, a sponge cake and little else you can cook the cake of the mascot on our site. We teach you how to make this fun cake, step by step.

Homemade fondant with marshmallow. Video of how to make homemade fondant with clouds or marshmallorws. A simple recipe for children to make as a family. A fun way for your children to learn to cook while having fun. Then they can use the fondant recipe to decorate cookies and cakes.

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