Harlequin hat made of eva rubber. Carnival Crafts

Harlequin hat made of eva rubber. Carnival Crafts

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The harlequin is one of the symbols of Carnival. If you want your child to be disguised as this mythical character, in We teach you how to make a classic harlequin hat in a very simple way using eva rubber.

A very fun Carnival craft that will also develop the child's capacity for work and effort by making their own accessory for the costume.

  • Glue gun
  • Green and purple eva rubber
  • Jingle bells
  • Pair of scissors

Tip: you can use different colors of eva rubber, depending on the child's favorite colors or other reasons to decorate the hat. Let your imagination fly.

1- Cut a strip of green eva rubber and make peak cuts on one side. It does not matter that they are irregular.

2- Do the same with a smaller purple strip and stick it over the green one, leaving a little space below.

3- Glue the hat on both ends to make the shape of the harlequin hat.

4- Cut out and stick on the purple foam rubber small hearts and diamonds.

5- Finally, you have to give the final touch to the harlequin hat. Fold some peaks of both the purple and green foam and put bells on the others.

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