Nine month old baby. Baby development month by month

Nine month old baby. Baby development month by month

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At nine months there is a great advance in the development of the baby's motor part. The little one already shows us all his skills and wants to investigate everything around him. Everything catches their attention, so parents have to be very careful and be very aware of the child, since he will want to take everything that he sees in between. They drive us crazy! Therefore, it would be good if we begin to take precautions in all corners of the house, all security is little for the care of our children!

In its ninth month of life, the average weight of a baby is 9,000 g and about 70 cm in length. At this stage, babies are usually more plump, presenting folds down the legs and arms. They are to cuddle ... they look like dolls.

At this stage the reflection of the step is very identifiable. When by holding the baby around your tummy, holding it under your armpits and trying to stand up, the baby will begin to perform movements as if it were taking its first steps, touching its feet to a solid base. Thus begins the process for the baby to learn to walk, he begins to put his thumb to the indicator to catch small objects. That step is as important as saying the first word or starting to walk.

This clearly means that the baby begins a new stage in his life. That your skills are developing positively. Likewise, he also likes to clap, it amuses him and entertains him a lot. But not only that, but also crawlHe likes to crawl on the ground and will no longer want you to pick him up, as he already wants to stand up on his own. The baby has the balance necessary to sit up more easily and crawl. And they are already standing in the crib or in the playpen or holding onto the furniture.

At nine months of age, the baby's body posture and movements are more balanced, allowing him to crawl, crawl on the buttock or thigh, and even stand up. His fine motor skills allow him to pick up objects, hand them to his parents, play to throw objects, etc. The nine-month-old baby has much more strength in his legs, arms, and hands.

In general, nine-month-old babies will have already tried most fruits and vegetables, as well as chicken, turkey, beef, and other meat. Once the little one has tasted each vegetable in the purees, the foods should be combined to vary the flavors and textures. Some babies can already try some legumes like lentils, as well as rice. Both salt and sugar should not be added to the diet of nine-month-old babies. You can only add a little olive oil to vegetable purees. The baby can continue trying pieces of fruit, bread, that do not offer choking hazards.

Thanks to the sociability that the nine-month-old baby acquires, the baby becomes more active with the people around him. The development of his vision and hearing is much more defined and clear, and the experiences that he will try will further define his temperament and personality. The baby already recognizes himself in the mirror and his head turns in the direction of the voice that sounds next to him.

At the same time that he becomes more sociable, the baby will also begin to become more attached to his mother, suffering a lot when he is separated from her. Everything is much more visual and sound for the baby. His mother's words of caress and tenderness are very important to him.

It can be said that at nine months the baby begins a new stage in his life, in terms of his abilities. Games such as clapping hands or interacting are preferred by babies in their ninth month of life. It amuses them and entertains them a lot. Baby will love to crawl through sleep and will no longer want to be held. He wants to be more down to earth. Some babies will already be able to walk around the house holding onto furniture or even their parents' fingers. Everything around him represents a source of stimulation for the baby. So parents must continue to provide a safe home for their little one.

At nine months, many babies are amused by their own voice. They play with their voice to imitate the sounds of their parents, animals, and even try to make coughing, farting, and squealing sounds. If the baby has not yet said 'papa' or 'mama', it is almost certain that at nine months, he will start saying it. At this stage, the baby identifies everyone in the house, including the dog. If you ask him: where is mom? The baby will turn his head and open his eyes to look for his mom. If you sing a song that you gesture, the baby will surely try to imitate them. Your communication will be much more fluid at this stage.

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