Why do couples break up when having a child

Why do couples break up when having a child

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Having a child is the most beautiful thing in the world because after nine months of waiting, that little person finally arrives in the world who will make a couple's life turn 180ºC. Before having a child it may seem that everything is idyllic, the couple have all the time to themselves, they can do whatever they want and enjoy each other.

But when a woman gets pregnant, the first thing a couple should do is talking about the future, about the things that concern them in terms of parenting, the role that each one will have depending on the life they lead (work and time available for each one, etc.) ... and make a plan about how life will change and how They will face the two together, to create a family that has a base with values ​​and that also, they can both go the same way. When this does not happen and couples do not talk about their relationship when the baby is born, things can go a bit wrong, because the relationship between couples after having a baby can change dramatically.

1. Postpartum depression. Postpartum depression can start two days after you give birth and can last for about two weeks. In more severe cases, depression can become a serious problem that lasts longer. If a solution to this serious and real problem is not sought (for the woman to realize that there are no problems in her or in her partner and baby), it may be a reason for separation.

2. Lack of communication. Sometimes tiredness and lack of sleep can make a couple stop talking to each other because 'there is no time for that', 'the important thing is the baby'. It is true that the important thing is the baby, but if a couple does not have communication it is possible that the relationship will break down to the point of breaking.

3. Jealousy of the father. There are times when parents feel displaced because the mother can focus solely and exclusively on caring for the baby, even making the father feel a zero on the left. This is dangerous because the father in addition to being jealous as a couple can become jealous as a father. A mother must accept her role, but also that of the father and give her the prominence she deserves.

4. Economy. Being a parent costs money and this is something that must be clear before starting this adventure. You have to do numbers before the child is born and know how the expenses are going to be met. If this is not clear, the economy can drown a couple to the point that they separate because arguments can be constant. It is necessary to speak things calmly and remember that a couple is a team in life and never opposing teams.

5. The role in the home. When a baby is born, the mother must necessarily take over her care, making there are household chores that she cannot do due to lack of time. The couple must be clear that they are both a team and that household chores should be shared equally, but if during the first weeks there is no time to do things, nothing happens. You have to recover from the fatigue of the first weeks of being parents, without reproach and without 'I do more than you' or 'I am more tired'.

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