10 children's resolutions for the year 2016

10 children's resolutions for the year 2016

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The arrival of the year 2016 it is a good time for children to change some behaviors that were not good. In We give you several ideas of purposes that our children can wear.

If we pose these series of 'challenges' to children, we do not have to do it from a negative point of view insisting that their attitudes and actions are not being good; We can make them see that if they comply with these goals, everything will be better around them and surely they will be favored.

If we set challenges for children and they meet them, their self esteem it will rise and motivate them to keep doing things right. Here are several purposes that we can suggest:

1- Take better care of hygiene: brush your teeth three times a day, shower every day ...

2- Share with our friends and family our food, toys ...

3- Say goodbye forever to the pacifier and diaper.

4- Do not leave the toys on the ground after using them.

5- Be more self-sufficient. They can start to dress ourselves, eat alone ...

6- Lend a hand with housework to mom and dad.

7- Keep your studies and homework up to date. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

8- Get out of the house more and join an individual or team sport

9- Pay attention to what their parents tell them. Be more obedient.

10- Be more generous with our family and our friends.

What do you think? Surely there is one on the list that your little one can consider. But not everything is up to you, we, as parents, can also set various resolutions to fulfill in 2016.

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