A trousseau for the baby in times of crisis

A trousseau for the baby in times of crisis

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It is always necessary to know how to prepare the basic trousseau that our baby will need, but in times of crisis it becomes even more important. What do I need for my baby, really? The offer is very wide and many times we fall into the temptation to buy objects for the baby of little use, impractical or very short-lived that end up cornered somewhere in our house.

Parents are always willing to offer the best to our children, but this does not mean that we cannot control our expenses when our baby arrives. Undoubtedly, many parents find it appealing to commit something excess or indulge in a whim for this great occasion and they are within their rights, but for those of you looking to find a perfect balance between expense and need, we put some ideas at your fingertips.

Let's make a list of basics and think about what we can count on before venturing out to buy like crazy:

- Recycle everything you can. The clothes, crib and body of our previous baby. It can be donated by a family member or friend who is in good condition. The clothes have more wear, but sometimes, a stroller, a carrycot or a crib are like new with a deep wash or a new cover. The inheritance, of course, is a great help to save.

- Think about the true needs of the baby. baby clothes: bodysuits, pajamas, walking clothes, hats, coat, socks (appropriate to the time of year); baby's room: crib, hammock, bedding, changing table, diaper holder, decoration, etc.); feeding utensils: bottles, nipples, bibs, bottle cleaners, etc.), hygiene utensils: bathtub, hygiene products, diapers, comb, scissors, sponge, wipes, creams, etc .; Travel and transport items: bodywork, rain cover, baby carrier, car seat, travel bag, etc.

- Establish a scale of priorities. think about those objects that we will really use daily or that are absolutely necessary, especially those whose cost is higher. When I had my children, other moms offered me countless objects that not even their little ones had been able to use.

- It's practiced. we have all made mistakes, especially with the first child. I myself bought a wonderful stroller that would not fit in my building's elevator if it was not folded. Wonderful yes, but impractical. You have to think about everything: lightness, comfort, time of year, rain hood, etc.

- Reach out to other more experienced moms. They can be a great help to hit the nail on the head in our purchases. Even taking into account these crisis measures, I think that the arrival of a child is a special moment that deserves some privilege or effort in our expenses, even if it is on time.

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