Benefits of ice skating for children

Benefits of ice skating for children

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Every year around this time the cities are filled with ice rinks for skating. It is one of the family activities preferred by young and old during these Christmas dates and it is also one more form of leisure during the winter period.

Nor can we forget that skating is a sport and that is why it helps our children to stay healthy and fit. The ice skating It is one of the favorite sports for children because on the ice rink they have fun like never before forgetting the cold of winter and anticipating the emotions of Christmas.

1. Ice skating is an ideal sport to improve the equilibrium of the children, as well as the sense of orientation.

2. The legs They are the ones that benefit the most from this sporting activity when children go around the ice rink with their skates. It is an ideal sport that favors the proper growth of the little ones.

3. Especially the knees notice the benefits of ice skating. For strong bones and play-proof knees, ice skating is the best preparation.

4. Ice skating is an exercise that protects the cardiovascular health of the smallest and also increases lung capacity.

5. One of the advantages to take into account in ice skating is that it favors the concentration of children, in addition to promoting their sense of rhythm.

6. Children do not consider ice skating a sport, but rather a game. That is why it can be a good way to instill in them a love for sports activities.

7. The movement that requires ice skating favors weightloss, so it can be the ideal activity for overweight children to get in shape and to prevent obesity in general.

- We must ensure that children enter the ice rink with all the security material recommended. Helmet, knee pads and elbow pads are essential for falls to stay in one game.

- Must be used approved skates and that they fit perfectly to the child's foot. In addition, you have to pay attention to your clothes, taking into account that you are going to spend a few hours on an ice rink.

- You can start skating on the four yearsBut it is not advisable to lose sight of the little ones at any time.

- The falls they are part of ice skating and we shouldn't give them more importance. On the contrary, it can be a good life lesson for the little ones that of falling and getting up with the help of an outstretched hand.

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