Keys to a healthy and nutritious breakfast in childhood

Keys to a healthy and nutritious breakfast in childhood

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The breakfast that the children make is far from ideal. The statistics already say so. In Spain and Argentina less than 10% of children eat breakfast correctly and in Mexico 2 out of 10 children skip breakfast, something increasingly common in North America or Europe. However, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, so much so that it must provide 25% of energy that the body needs to face the day

Not only is it important that children do not skip breakfast but it is also not worth eating anything and in any way. Children have to make a quality breakfast. In we tell you how it should be.

1- You should never skip breakfast. On many occasions, due to lack of time or the need to take the children to school earlier, some families cannot give their children breakfast at home. Instead of giving them some cookies for the road or some other emergency solution, we should consider the alternative of breakfast at school, which is increasingly being taken care of. In most schools, the menu is controlled by nutritionists, which means that the service can be trusted.

2- Breakfast must be complete and balanced What happens if the children do not eat a good breakfast? They do not have the energy and vitality to cope with the physical and intellectual effort that school activities demand of them. In addition, a poor breakfast is related to the mid-morning intake of industrial pastries or foods high in sugar, all directly related to childhood obesity.

3- Breakfast must be given time. It is not worth drinking a glass of milk standing up and in a hurry, or having a cockpit on the way to school. It is advisable to get up earlier to avoid the rush and stress because we do not arrive at school.

4- Breakfast is a formal meal. The children must be seated at the table, with tablecloth, cutlery. No standing in the kitchen. Breakfast is not a formality to go to school, it is one more meal and as such has to have some basic rules at the table.

1- Children's breakfast must include at least one food from the dairy group which are those that provide proteins and calcium, essential for the growth of children. For example, a yogurt, a glass of milk with cocoa powder or a piece of cheese.

2- We also have to introduce food from cereal group: bread, cookies, homemade sponge cake, oatmeal ... They are the ones that will provide children with the necessary carbohydrates, that is, the energy they need to face the day.

3- And, finally, a food from group of fruitsThey are necessary because their high content of vitamins and minerals, basic for the proper functioning of the body. We do not need to give them a whole orange, we can give them a juice, a few mandarin segments or a few pieces of banana

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