Importance of vitamin E for children and pregnant women

Importance of vitamin E for children and pregnant women

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Although we should all try to consume through feeding all the vitamins that the body needs, it is children and pregnant women who should be most concerned about getting all the nutrients.

The Vitamin E It is essential for the prevention of some diseases and also for healthy growth and we can find it in many foods that we must include in the infant diet and in the diet during pregnancy.

Undoubtedly, we need all the vitamins and minerals for good health, but each vitamin has a specific functionThat is why this time we analyze the functions of vitamin E.

- Vitamin E is an excellent protector against heart disease, something we should be concerned about in All ages.

- Like vitamin A, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and numerous studies link this vitamin with a lower risk of cancer.

- This vitamin E relieves the inflammation derived from some diseases and is also of great help to alleviate the effects of diabetes.

- The main benefit of vitamin E is in its protective function of the vision, being very useful to prevent some of the most frequent eye problems in children.

The best way to get all the vitamins is through one Variety feeding, but there are some foods to which we can pay special attention if we want to include vitamin E in the diet during pregnancy or in the daily diet of children.

- The nuts they contain high amounts of vitamin E, especially almonds and peanuts that also promote concentration. To a lesser extent, we also find it in hazelnuts and pistachios.

- Among vegetables, the richest in vitamin E are broccoli and the spinach, but it is also convenient to include tomatoes, peppers and asparagus.

- Some spices and condiments such as peppers, the basil and the oregano They contain a lot of vitamin E and are also excellent for improving the taste of dishes.

- Fruits cannot be lacking in children's nutrition and we can take into account that those that contain the most vitamin E are kiwis and the mango.

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