Postpartum gymnastics: physical exercise to tone muscles

Postpartum gymnastics: physical exercise to tone muscles

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The exercises adapted to the postpartum stage of the woman must be carried out in a progressive, controlled way, adapting to the needs and possibilities of each mother.

The Postpartum gymnastics and physical exercise should begin after quarantine, as long as you have the authorization of the gynecologist.

Kegel exercises. The first exercises that a woman should do after giving birth are those that strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles. Vaginal muscles can begin to tone ten days after delivery, especially if there has been an episiotomy.

- ABS. Regaining a firm and flat abdomen requires effort and patience. Abdominal work to strengthen the gut muscles should begin once the tone of the perineal muscles or pelvic floor has been restored. Never before.

- Aerobic exercise. After the quarantine, it is advisable to do gentle exercise. Walking is the best cardiovascular exercise that can be done to begin training after the first month and a half after giving birth. You should start small and build intensity and speed as fitness improves.

- Postpartum gymnastics. It is aimed at toning and strengthening, little by little, the muscles that have suffered the most during pregnancy. Remember, you should not perform abdominal exercises until the perineum has recovered. Wait for your doctor to tell you to start the exercises. You can start with sets of 10 reps.

- Ankle twists:

1. Lie on your back (supine decubitus), with your legs extended, and your feet supported and raised about 30 centimeters (for example on a cushion). Perform wide ankle twists on both sides.

2. Lie on your back (supine position), with your legs extended, and your feet supported and elevated about 12 inches on a cushion. Bend your right leg at the hip and bend your knee as well. With your foot up, do wide ankle twists to both sides, then return to the starting position and continue with your left leg.

- To activate circulation: Walking oxygenates the tissues and activates circulation. Keep your gaze horizontal, avoiding looking up and down. Place your shoulders relaxed and back. Walk briskly keeping your back straight, squeezing your buttocks and tucking your abdomen inward. Walk about 30 minutes a day.

- To tone the arms and abdomen: Work the muscles of the extremities. With your back well aligned, place your hands with your fingers interlocked under your chin. Without taking in air, raise and expand your chest, holding your breath while pulling your elbows as if you wanted to stretch them. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

- To relax the cervicals: Neck and shoulder exercises stretch the pectoral muscles and they relax the cervicals. It can be done sitting or standing. The exercise consists of three stages and each one must be repeated once or twice, alternating the arm or the direction of rotation.

- Open your arms in a cross showing the palms of your hands wide open. Hold the position for 4 seconds.

- Relax your arms and shoulders making a semicircle with your head forward. Perform the exercises 4 times and in all three stages.

1. Abdominal breathing. Breathing exercises can be performed sitting or supine. Inhale, exhale raising and lowering the belly.

2. Chest breathing. Breathing exercises can be performed sitting or supine. Inhale, exhale, mobilizing the thorax and keeping the belly at rest.

You must wait 30 days from delivery to start the perineum reeducation exercises.

1. Lying on your back with your legs extended, and your feet supported and elevated on a cushion, bend your right leg bringing your knee toward your belly, extend your leg up, and rotate your ankle. Go back to the starting position.

2. Lying on your back with your legs semi-bent, take an inspiration and an exhalation. On expiration visualize your vagina and contract, raise the pelvis and hold the elevation for 10 seconds while trying to intensify the contraction of the vagina. After these 10 seconds, return to the normal position.

3. Sitting in a lotus position, lean your back against the wall, place both hands on your knees and force them toward the ground. Start with a set of 25 reps, working your way up to 3 sets.

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