Coloring your hair during pregnancy

Coloring your hair during pregnancy

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Can I dye my hair during pregnancy? It is a question that many women ask themselves. It is very common that during pregnancy we have many doubts about whether what we eat, what we drink, or what cosmetic products we use during pregnancy they may affect the baby we are expecting in some way.

One of the most frequent doubts that arise is whether the woman can dye her hair while pregnant. And it is true that for a time there was some controversy.

Well, according to a fairly reassuring report from the United States Teratology Information Services Organization (it provides reports on potential reproductive risks), it says that there are no cases proving that dyes have any impact on the human fetus, since what during the application of the dye the body absorbs a very small amount of this substance.

However, many dermatologists advise against starting to dye your hair during pregnancy, since in the hypothetical case of an allergy reaction (eczema type), the treatment would be hindered by the fact that the woman is pregnant.

Most doctors suggest as simple protection, that chemical products (dyes, perms…) are not used during the first trimester, since it is when the organs of the fetus are being formed. And that the labels of the dyes are checked, to avoid those dyes that have lead acetate, since this compound is potentially dangerous for the fetus, especially for its nervous system which is tremendously vulnerable.

We have to take into account that progesterone, a hormone that releases the placenta, weakens the hair and facilitates its fall. With what frequent dyes, which are still an attack on the hair, could aggravate the process; therefore it is recommended to limit the dyes.

Regarding natural dyes, considered relatively safe, we must bear in mind that most of them contain aggressive chemical substances in their list of ingredients (such as aminophenol, phenylenediamine ...); so we recommend the same precautions as with synthetics. Furthermore, the possibility of a negative reaction to the dye also exists.

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