What is vitamin C for in children and pregnant women

What is vitamin C for in children and pregnant women

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The importance of vitamins is that we all need them for the body to function properly. But children and pregnant women should pay special pay attention to your diet, since it is where you get all the vitamins and minerals you need.

One of the most necessary vitamins for children and pregnant women is vitamin C, as essential for growth as vitamin D and with a special disease prevention effect. We analyze the importance of vitamin C for children and pregnant women.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid It is obtained through a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and in addition to having its own benefits on the body, it is essential for the absorption of minerals such as iron. In this way, children and pregnant women should include vitamin C in their diet.

- This vitamin C, like vitamin A, is a powerful antioxidant, so in addition to delaying aging protects the skin and helps heal wounds, so common in children.

- It is an essential vitamin for fetus formation, so pregnant women should take it into account in their diet.

- The immune system is favored by vitamin C, reinforcing defenses of children and adults and avoiding the typical colds of the changes of season.

- This vitamin also strengthens tooth enamel and is involved in the development of the bones, so children need it to ensure healthy growth.

- In the field of disease prevention, Vitamin C is considered the main ally. Some studies speak of a lower incidence of certain types of cancer thanks to vitamin C.

To obtain not only the vitamin C that children and pregnant women need, but to ensure that the body receives all nutrients, the best thing is to bet on a varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables, which is where more vitamins are found.

- Fruits known as citrus fruits are the fundamental source of vitamin C. Oranges, tangerines, kiwis Y grapefruits should not be lacking in the daily diet, but also the strawberries, the mango wave papaya have large amounts of vitamin C.

- They may not be the favorite foods of the little ones, but the tomatoes and the Peppers They are a source of vitamin C and should be present daily in children's nutrition.

- Among the vegetables that contain the most vitamin C are those of green leaf. But we can't forget about broccoli as one of the vegetables with the greatest health benefits.

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