Childbirth and the Pilates method

Childbirth and the Pilates method

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After nine months, the pregnant woman has to face the last part of her pregnancy: delivery. A few days before, in general, the baby has already been placed down and will begin, at that moment, the descent through the uterine canal towards the outside, towards life. It is considered that a woman initiates labor with the appearance of regular uterine contractions, which increase in intensity and frequency.

Giving birth requires a great effort from the mother and the need to live with the pain. The pain provides the mother with information about how the process of giving birth is developing and the contractions and the frequency indicate when she has to push or push, hold or help the baby in his descent until the complete exit to the outside world .

A delivery may be quick or it may take hours to achieve. For this reason, The mother must be in good physical shape and the Pilates Method can help to achieve this, since it has these benefits:

- La woman will learn to tone her pelvic floorTo control when you want to activate it and when you want to relax it, preventing tears and reducing recovery time after delivery.

- You will also get a good state of the abdominals, which will help you push and make labor faster.

- Pilates is a conscious method, which is governed based on the coordination of movements with breathing, providing good oxygenation, greater aerobic and physical capacity.

- The woman during childbirth will have more stamina to face it getting at the same time, greater control of the situation which will help reduce anxiety and worry that everything will be fine.

The Pilates method was born at the beginning of the last century due to the need of a man, Joseph Humbertus Pilates, to achieve a good physical and mental state, since since childhood he had asthmatic problems and rickets. His interest in the functioning of the human body, led him to develop an exercise table where he combined oriental principles, such as yoga, with rehabilitating exercises, achieving benefits that range from postural correction to muscle toning and resistance, elasticity, and thanks to concentration, conscious movement and breathing, an extraordinary knowledge and control over the body.

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