7 cravings during pregnancy with their meanings

7 cravings during pregnancy with their meanings

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Cravings are not just whims of the pregnant woman. They are often biochemical signals that the body sends to the brain to find a solution to a need. For example, if more protein is needed during pregnancy, the pregnant woman will feel the irrepressible urge to eat meat or sausages.

We tell you what is your body telling you according to the craving you have. We analyze the most common cravings in pregnancy.

1. Chocolate: Without a doubt, the most repeated craving among pregnant women. In the case of wanting to eat chocolate at all hours, it may be a sign that there is a lack of magnesium, chromium and B vitamins. In this case, you can substitute sunflower seeds for chocolate.

2. Sweets: If you crave cookies, cakes, sweets ... you may need more magnesium, chromium and water. Of course, the same is provided by the fruit and is much healthier.

3. Bread: If before you barely tried bread and during pregnancy you cannot stop eating it, perhaps your body is crying out for more fiber and glucose, and incidentally, an extra supply of energy. Try a good handful of walnuts a day.

4. Salty foods: French fries, hookahs, anchovies ... do you need a lot of salt? It can be indicative of a lack of fiber, electrolytes, and water. These nutrients can be found in vegetables. It can also be due to excess stress. In that case, what you need is relaxation.

5. Meat: When a pregnant woman needs to eat meat and sausages at all hours, it is due to a lack of protein and iron. This is also found in some fruits and vegetables. For example, in figs and plums. And of course, also in legumes.

6. Fried: If the pregnant woman needs to eat fried foods, it is due to a lack of fat and calcium. You can opt for high-fat fruits, like avocado, and healthier fats, like olive oil.

7. Cheese: Cheese offers a good supply of omega 3 acids, which is precisely what pregnant women who have this craving need. But you also find it in other foods, such as salmon or walnuts.

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