Dangers of a raw vegan diet in children

Dangers of a raw vegan diet in children

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Before knowing if this diet is dangerous or not, you will ask yourself: what is raw vegan food? It is a kind of diet based on the intake of raw fruits and vegetables. Raw vegans do not eat meat, stews, or pizzas, or sweets, hamburgers or fish.

Well, the story of Tom Watkings has come to light, a Dutch teenager who has been on this type of diet since the age of five at the initiative of his mother, Francis Kenter. The social services have tried to remove the custody of Mrs. Kenter, since they believe that the child is developing below his age, however the boy insists that he enjoys this type of diet.

Proponents of the Raw diet (raw in English) or raw vegan, warn that it is a perfect diet for cleaning and curing certain diseases. Raw vegans insist that their diet contains the necessary nutrients and that consuming cooked products destroys enzymes and nutrients so the body better assimilates raw or slightly heated foods, never cooked.

Raw vegans mainly consume natural foods, organic if possible: fruits, vegetables, green leaves, fatty vegetables, seeds, cereal sprouts, etc.

However, the analytics on raw vegans reveal that it is common for them to have a deficiency of calcium, zinc, iron, iodine, or essential amino acids. It is logical to think that each person is different and each body will assimilate the diet in a different way, but is it healthy for a child to acquire this type of eating habits in the process of development and growth?

In the case of Tom Watkings, doctors and members of social services assure that this practice is limiting Tom's growth and can cause irreparable damage to your body. Tom's story is captured in the documentary Rawer, released in Holland more than a year ago. Since then, no matter how controversial it has been, the boy continues to live with his mother and is still raw vegan.

Could you resist a good sirloin, a baked fish or a chocolate cake? I confess that I do not, and personally I would not subject my children to such a restrictive diet.

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